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Saturday, July 20, 2002
Ah...I am very depressed. My best friend's house in our town is being sold, because both her and her brother are in college now, so I might not see her again for a VERY long time! ;_; She's depressed, and I'm depressed because of it. I hate change. I despise it. It takes things away from me that should have never left. Change always makes me sad, not happy. I was so depressed, I wrote a 3 page mini manga about it! Here are the links to it if you care to read it.(Note, my real name is Melissa, so that's why Majo-chan calls me "Mel-chan")

Majo-Chan, this is dedicated to you!

"Change" Page 1
"Change" Page 2
"Change" Page 3

In other news, I have to go get my car smogged at a test only center. *Blaaah* Oh, and I got an offer to do commissioned work for a pay only hentai site! Wowie! Wahooo! Maybe my professional art career is starting? (Hey, actresses most of the time get their start in porn, right? So why not me with art? I don't have the RL body for porn, and besides, I'm extremely monogomous. [One partner love] So, that's that.) Ahhhh....well, I'm hungry, and I want to play FF8. So, sayonara for now! Ja mata!