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Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Hiya~! It's damn near 3 am! what the hell am I doing up, and creating a BLOG, no less! Geez...like I have time on my hands... I just finished coloring PSC comic # 44 (almost 50...should I be happy, or run for my life?) but I'll do the lettering tomorrow. Ack! my fiancee snores really loud, and I get little sleep nowadays between that and this godawful heat! Bah! But, the air conditioner finally got fixed, so that's something to be happy about-- I'm not boiling in my own blood. (Plus, the temprature in the fish tank shouldn't get so high that I have to drop ice cubes in it 2-3 times a day. ^^;) Yeah, I have fish. 2 Bala Sharks, some orange and black things I forgot the name of, about 4 or 5 tigerstripes (who's counting?), a pocostamus (sp) and one lone neon. The neon used to have 5 other friend neons, but my soon to be mother in law decided to buy us grommies back when we first got the tank. Well, the one grommie beat up the other grommie and killed it, and then ate most of our neons. Within 5 hours!!!! So, needless to say, that bastard was ousted rather quickly.
Um, quick gripes....(just because they're there...)
* I need a job. Fast. Why are there no jobs where I live?! And why can't I make a living being an artist who has talent instead of a college degree?! Bah! Feh, even!
* Why do my eyes hurt? Oh yeah, pool, and too little sleep...
* Why does the chinese food at the only place in town that serves milk tea gotta suck?!

These are important! (At 3 am, anyway!)
Mmmm...milk tea....want some...*drool*
I want sushi! Wahh! @_@ It's the wierdest thing, but I have an addiction to sushi. I swear, an actual addiction! More expensive than smoking and drinking and crack combined! (well, that's pushing the envelope, but...) And I could eat it every day, for every meal (mmm...sushi for breakfast....) My favorites are Maguro, unagi, and the california rolls they serve at this place I LOVE, called Fune Sushi. They have THE best california rolls ever! I don't know how they do it! And, I also order a special roll there, made just for me with cucumber and avacado in the middle, with strips of maguro on top! YUMMY! *drool* They haven't let me name it yet, but I like to call it the "Yanagi Roll" after me, of course! (Probably won't let me name it because I don't sit at the sushi bar....) When my fiancee and I go out, we easily spend over $50 on sushi. EASILY. That's a problem! But sushi isn't bad for you, so I can't convince myself to eat it only so-often like with fast food. It's really sucky. Plus, I'm unemployed, so there's that to the mix. And I haven't had my sushi fix in 3 weeks! Wahhhhh! (Now my stomach is growling..........@_@) Now I've GOT to go to sleep, stop thinking about sushi, and i've got to stop wishing I had Kartia to make sushi with ^^; If I didn't use it on sushi, I'd use it on copic markers or video games...heh heh. Ok, this is Yanagi-San, and the first post of Toritsuki no Hitsuyou....complete!