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Saturday, July 13, 2002
Well, here I am again...
I keep saying I'm going to start my webmanga on FeatherBand Manga, but I haven't even gotten around to naming it! I have a character, a plot, and a story, but no desire to lay it down in comic format. I just draw pretty artbook-style pics of the characters! Ah well, I'll get around to it. In case you wanted a preview look see, follow the links below to see some piccies:
Ryuko wielding her sword, Yoake
Ryuko readying her sword, Yoake with a fire orb
Ryuko sitting, looking sad
Ryuko taking a bath in a previously crystalized lake
Ryuko sleeping
The evil sorcerer and his apprentice
That's it for now, I've gotta get some sleep...I've gotten my sushi fix (yeah! ^_^) and I've had too much Eternal Darkness for Gamecube! ^^;