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Saturday, August 03, 2002

Children and Sushi Bar do NOT mix!!!

My fiancee took me out for sushi tonight. (Wai, wai! ^_^) We weren't there more than 10 minutes when this whole family of, like, 8 or so come tromping in and take up seating in the section of the sushi bar near our booth. Well, 4 of these were small children, between the ages of 4 and 7. And then, the pandemonium started.....
As if it's not bad enough that people are taking their most misbehaved children to restaraunts, they're taking them to expensive restaraunts! As soon as they sat down, one of the littler children kept repeatedly demanding a california roll. Over, and over, for 5 minutes with no response from the adults with her. Finally, the sushi chef (poor, poor, poor guy...- -;) got them made up, and the girl declares that she does not like them, and dumps them into the water where the boats with the display (plastic) sushi float. No one cares. Apparently, because neither of the 4 adults said anything. Then, our food comes, so we don't worry about the troop of morons who decided it would be a great idea to take little children to a sushi bar for a while. Then, we hear glass breaking. A little boy (one of the older looking ones) knocked his soda on the floor because her was fighting with one of the littler kids over an action figure. So what do the adults do? They order sake! Well, small children ran rampant, (fortunately, not too close to us, but closer than was comfortable) throwing things, molesting the sushi boats, haranging the 3 sushi chefs, and generally doing things the parents should have been scolding them for doing. (I don't think any of the kids got to eat...) and needless to say, our meal was kinda rushed. But good. However, the moral of this story is....


I don't hate kids! There are just certain manners they need to learn before going into society. These people taught these kids none of them!
In other, non-evil children related news, I'm entering the Manga art contest at Tokyopop.com. Hee hee! The title is called "Kurukuru Love Love!". But I'm not saying anything about the plot! (No one can copy me that way! La la la~!) However, here are two pics of the main character for that story. Her name is Mochi. (among other wierd noun/food names found in anime/manga) and no, it is not a Mahou Shoujo spoof, no matter how much her outfit resembles a sailor fuku from Sailormoon. (I really didn't notice the parallel until after I created her and Majo-Chan pointed it out to me...damn I'm oblivious sometimes! ^^;) Well, here are the piccies. Enjoy!

Mochi in her work uniform (She works at a store, in case anyone was wondering why it's a "work" uniform...)

Mochi eating while carrying a bento box(The bento box is modeled off mine! ^_^)

Ok, that's all for now, I'm gonna go play Crono Cross (Yeah, I finally figured out the battle system, so it's fun to play! Yay!) and ponder what to ask for for my birthday (besides anime, or money to buy anime) my Birthday? September 5th, just in case you wanted to be cheezy and send a card or drop a line or something ^^; (Who am I kidding?) Alright, Yanagi-San~desu, signing off!