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Sunday, August 25, 2002

Hige sori jori jori!

***Song mood of the moment is "Boys Be...FIGHT!" from the DiGi Charat Ondo Soundtrack.***

~Note: the title is a Japanese child's word twister (Makes fun of how some words are the same but aren't. Like in English, through (in depth) and through (to go into and past) are spelt the same but pronounced differently. Well, in Japanese it's the word "sori". It means "prime minister" and is how they say the english word "sorry". You say it as a retort when someone apologizes. It's supposed to give the recipient quite a start if the speaker isn't Japanese! This has been your random Japanese lesson for today~~

I'm in a very genki mood today, and I don't know why. I went to bed early last night (12 AM) woke up at 8:30 this morning, took a long shower, and I just feel generally good. PSC is #8 in the top 100, and I got linked to by one of my FAVORITE mangastrips of all time, Sexy Losers! (Mature audiences only) Plus somone actually demanded (well, they could have ben kidding, but I'll take it at face value) that I sign up to be in this big compilation book Keenspace puts out every year. I feel loved! It's great! Wai wai!
I'm also working on Kurukuru Love Love for Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga Contest so I'm pretty busy for someone with no job. However, perhaps this will launch my manga career! Who knows? I only have 2 pages done for KKLL, but at that rate, if I do 2 pages a week, I'll be done in at least a month anyway. So I will definately be done by the Dec. deadline! (It makes me feel good) But I feel concerned about the whole photocopying dealie. How much? How will it look? Should I do it on the photocopier like up at the library or store, or should I get it done at Kinkos? (Kinko's = Large chain of professional copy places) I'm voting Kinko's so that I can get the best copies, but it could get costly...($$$) and I don't have much money except for what donations I get through PSC's Starving Artist Fund, and unemployment (unemployment mainly goes for rent, food and car insurance. I can't even buy myself a new pair of pants!) And my birthday is coming up, so I've been asking for practical things, so my mom is getting me a "unpractical" present because she tells me to "live a little". So I asked (under extreme force) for Mario Sunshine For the Gamecube. (Yes, my Finacee and I split the cost and bought a Gamecube back when my rent was lower and he had a job.) Hopefully it will be just as fun as Mario 64 (What? I like Mario 64!) and I won't have to fight with my fiancee too much over who gets to play and when! ^^;
I really hope that KKLL wins at least 3rd place bacause I have a credit card to pay down, and I have to get a new windshield for my car because someone cracked mine on the passenger side, and it's getting bigger by the week. -_-'
I'm craving homemade tacos...maybe I can convince my mom to make them for dinner tonight if I go over there.(I sound like a conniving freeloader...) With avacado! I love avacado! Ya! (It's tie for first place between avacados and the marshmallow sauce at Dairy Queen ^^;)
Weeeellll...it's time I ended this abomination of a post so that I can call my mommy and go back to lurking on the Keenspace message boards ^_-)

--Signing off~desu!--