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Friday, August 02, 2002

Now Showing: The idiocy of 3:04 AM, starring Me.

Wow...a title~desu!

Ok, well, I can't sleep. (I should have spent the night at Majo-Chan's after all! BAKA!) Um, Majo-Chan is NOT selling her house (yay!) And I'm eating dinner at her house this evening with our other friend, Lari-Chan. ^_^
Tokyopop.com is having an original manga contest, so I'm entering it, because the prize is $$$! (I can't remember if its $5000 or $1000, so $$$ is safer ^^;) My Manga is about a screwed up dating service. Heh heh. All spastic, and my usual eclecticness.
In other news, I beat Final Fantasy 8! Yeah! Woohoo! The ending was worth it, I think, simply because Squall and Rinoa finally KISS! Woohoo! (I can't help it, I'm a mushy romantic...)sigh...
alright, I'm sleepy~desu....going to bed now....oysuminasai~~~!