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Thursday, October 17, 2002

It's 1 PM. Do you know where your ambition is?

***Song mood of the moment is "You're my Treasure" by AKI & KOTOKO & RIMIKKA.***

I am hungry....@_@
It's 1:00PM. Where is my lunch? Well, it's still in the freezer, and I'm too lazy to go make it. ^^;
So...I'm blogging? I should do this more often; it's kinda theraputic. Speaking of theraputic, I get to go see my mom's psychiatrist tonight because he wants to "talk" to me about her. Wonderful.... -_-
Cruise, cruise, cruise in 10 days! (<----is really excited). I don't know where all this hyperness is coming from. Probably lack of sugar or something. You know, I am procrastinating soooooooooo much... I should be working on tons of other stuff, but I'm playing Animal Crossing, and surfing the net, and chatting on AIM, and playing Glinx and Diamond Mine and Graffiti on Yahoo Games. Everything except what I'm supposed to be doing. And my nose is running.
Well, I'm gonna go now....
Yanagi-San, signing off~desu!