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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Words to move the spirit...

***Song mood of the moment is "Tori no Shi" by the group "I've".***

Hmmm... strange cryptic title. Just like me, ne? Heh heh. I'm in a rather foul/ melancholy mood today. Have you ever had a dream where you couldn't be with the one you love for whatever reason, and when you wake up, the one you love is gone, and you really want to hold them? That happened to me this morning. I dreamt that my fiancee, me, and two other people were forced to live in this nice house. We were all assigned to a room (they were color-coded/themed) and we had to stay there forever, and we couldn't see one another ever again. But I wasn't happy (I was in the blue room and my fiancee, Derrick, was in the red room.) with that arrangement, so I kept trying to sneak out of my room in the middle of the might to see Derrick. But I kept getting caught by guards and getting thrown back to my room. Finally, one night, I make it to his room and slip in, and he's asleep in bed. So I climb in beside him and I wake him up. However, he knows who I am, but he doesn't remember our relationship at all, and doesn't want to be with me in that way! Then I was caught and thrown back in my blue bedroom. Then I realized that they had given him some kind of memory-supressant. But then I woke up, and it was 10:40 and he had already gone to work. I was really sad... all I wanted to do was hold him... so I had to wait until he got home, and the funny thing was, is that he surprised me by bringing home dinner for me! He said he got it on a whim, but, isn't that wierd? ^^;
Well, long story, ne?
Another thing I've noticed is that I love posting on the forums. (Keenspace forums, anyway) I've made tons of new friends who have similar interests, and we all get along quite well, because we all enjoy the same thing! I've found also, that talking to unknown people en mass via an automated website is a great stress reliever! ^^; <----pokes fun at self. Although, I've been obsessed with Animal Crossing and Chobits lately, and between that and my comic, I haven't had as much free time to blog or to be on AIM like I should. Also, I have changed my manga contest entry. KuruKuru Love Love! died mid-story, (actually, the story, inspiration, and patience with my writers block died. Everything died!) so I tried out old ideas that never got fully developed until I found inspriation in the form of my friend from high school, Lari-Chan. Back in HS, a group of people hung out together, and I was kinda the unofficial "leader" of that group. Well, I have what I like to call a "Hyper-Creative Mind", and I was bored in History class one day. So I created this whole story of how I was the Queen of Atlantis, and all sorts of history to go with it and back it up. Well, all my friends and the "group" wanted in on it, so we all kinda LARPed (LARP= Live Action Role Playing) from 10th-12th grade, and eventually became known as "Atlantians". (Well, amongst us anyway. I'm not sure what we were known as to the rest of the school, but we weren't unpopular. I know that much! ^^;) So, I'm taking that story, and turning it into the contest entry! All the characters are easy to draw, and the story practically writes it's self! It's coming along swimmingly, and I'm already on page 12 of 25 max. I hope I place somewhere in the top 3! For one, It would help be become an "established" manga-ka, and I really need the money, as I am still unemployed. ^^
But, in other news, I'm going on a cruise! From Oct. 28 until Nov 1, I'll be aboard the Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy, living the high life. How can an unemployed wretch like me go on a $260 cruise? My grandma is paying for me to go! ^_^ I wuv ya grandma!!! Kinda a late birthday/early christmas dealy. Anyway, I am happy because it is the same cruise ship I went on last year with my cousin and aunt, back when I was employed. So now I am going with my mom, grandma, brother and dad. It'll be so much fun! There's a 24 hour buffet on the top deck! (Just like me to think of the food first, huh? It shows, trust me ;_; I'm gonna try and lose 10 pounds before the trip, and it seems like I'll do it, with my recent starvation and all.) Yeah, I had to pay rent, so I have no money, and I am out of food. So I am eating only dinner at my mom's house (and whatever Derrick decides he can afford to feed me) so I am a poor starving child. Well, not starving, but almost there. So I should lose lots of weight! Playing Animal Crossing takes my mind off the hunger pains... for a little while, at least ^^;
Ahhh... ramble, ramble... it really does feel good to ramble. I keep so much inside sometimes, it's scary when it all comes out. And on a sad note, our whole fish tank's population went and died! For no reason at all, we just lost one fish after another. (And not from ick, either) All 10 were dead in a matter of 3 days. ;_; *cry* I liked my fish! But, at least I still have my birds, Denim and Laguna. Yeah, I've had them for a little over a month now. They're Budgies (parakeets). I am trying to teach them to talk, and I think they're getting ready to say their first word soon. I can't wait! ^_^ Denim is a boy, mostly white with a big cobalt-colored patch on his back under his wings that is the same color as dark denim. And Laguna is a female (I think) whos mostly white with a sky blue patch on her back, under the wings, and a light smattering of sky blue patches on her chest. I haven't been able to figure out just what kind they are. (The petstore called them "Rare Parakeets" but the internet says that Denim is a Cobalt Opaline, and Laguna is a Sky Blue Opaline.) Anyone who can give me info, email me at Megami_Yanagi@Hotmail.com with the subject "Parakeet info!" or something similar, or my junk mail folder will eat it! @_@ And we don't want that. They are good parakeets, and they get along really well. They sing particularly well too. And if I walk up to the cage while chewing gum, Laguna will mimic my mouth movements! However, I haven't gotten them finger-trained yet. But, I don't think I'll need to do that, because, really, in the long run, how often are you gonna run around with a parakeet on your finger??? That's what I thought. Alright, I'm goona go watch some late night TV and wait for my fiancee to get home from gaming. (They're playing "Champions", I believe...) Alright, Yanagi-San signing off~desu!