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Saturday, November 02, 2002

I'm baaaaack! (Look out So. California!)

***Song mood of the moment is "Chime" by Shinohara Tomoe***

Ahhhhhh~ I love cruises. Especially cruises with all-you-can-eat sushi! ^_^ (Well, it was only available 3 hours a day and they only had 4 choices a day, but it was FREE.) I had a lot of fun, though! We went to Catalina Island where we took a tour in a golf cart and went on a glass bottomed boat; Then we went to Ensenada, Mexico and went and did a little shopping. On the ship there's a casino, and I won $34! ^^
However, it seems cruises are inspirational to me for some reason, because I've come up with another manga idea ^^; Here is the basis of the story:

A story of two kids, a sister and a brother who fall off of a cruise ship during a freak storm. However, the kids are saved by some strange flying creatures and taken to a different world. Come to find out, that in this new world ( Serica ) they are the last of a race of Sericans with mystic powers that once ruled the land. Able to do anything, and with the help of the denzitens of Serica, Kaede and Ryota must unlock the secrets of their real past, their true parents, and find out their place in a foreign new world called Serica.

It's not fully fleshed out yet, as you can tell. But here are the character designs for Kaede and Ryota (ages 11 and 7, respectively)

Kikukaze Kaede
Kikukaze Ryota

Well, that's all for now. I'm back, and I've got a lot of stuff to do. Sooooo, ja ne!