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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Mmmmm...ice cream....

***Song mood of the moment: "Gamble Rumble" by MOVE.***

As mentioned in the title, I am eating ice cream. Dreyer's Dreamery Cool Mint ice cream, that is. It's mint ice cream with peppermint patties in it and chocolate chunks. It's light, and sweet, and it completely personifies Christmas for me, even though Christmas is over a month away. Hell, we haven't gone through Thanksgiving yet, and most stores have Christmas gear up, plus the TV is already advertising those "Time Life" Christmas CDs. Bah! It's too early!
I love Christmas, but...the media and retail is killing me! >_<
However....comicy news... I cna't figure out how to write courtroom scenes! ^^; I need to do them because the characters in PSC are on trial, but.... I don't know anything about courtroom proceedings! So, if it sounds cheezy or fake or innacurate, it's because I'm making it up. -_-
Mmmm...melty ice cream...
I digress.
However, that is all my news- now, to get back to the keenspace forums before they explode. (oh, in note, I still don't know when the PSC forum will be up ^^;)
Ja ne!