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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Happy New Year! ^_^

****Song Mood for the moment is: "Let's Change the World!" by PKO (From DiGi Charat)****

Well, it is now 2003. Yep, another new year, with not so new things happening in it. However, I am sad, because this year, I do not have even an inkling of what this year has in store for me because I had no Sparkling Apple Cider to ring in the New Year with. Well, you're probably confuzzled, so I guess I have to mention my "Apple Cider Predictions" Ritual.
You see, you might not realize this (or it just works only for me, I haven't decided.) but the way the bottle of cider is opened and the events surrounding the opening of the bottle will predict the tone of the new year to come. It has never been wrong. Vague, but not wrong. I discovered this on accident, but ever since that first time, it has worked for me. Wierd. o_0

Also, I guess I should display the first pic of the New Year. (Well, it was colored in the New Year, anyway) It's the cast of my Webcomic, PSC dressed up like the main characters of different animes. It's cute, so look!
PSC Anime Characters
I want Flash!!!!!!! *cries* I cannot afford it nor can I find a crack of it anywheres. *flops down, dismayed*
Ah well. Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone!!!! ^__^