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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Hello? Is this thing on?

****Song Mood for the moment is: "Super Love" By So-Fi.****

That song is so addicting! It has been sitting in the depths of my harddrive forever, and I just recently listened to it! It's wonky, upbeat, and catchy as all hell!
*singing really fast* Super love, fall in love, make some love, gimme some love! *end singing*
Hey! Look! I made my very own template! Do you like TNH's new look? I do! ^__^ I even went and plowed through the net to find the japanese fonts for the title banner. (You can get them HERE if you so desire.)
Now, I am happy with myself becaue I have exceeded my "to do" list today! I did all my laundry, cleaned my room (I rent a room), went and did errands, and I did not 1, but 2 issues of PSC! And, I plan to work on my new story, When We Once Were, and even get in some PSO (Phantasy Star Online) time. Also, I made my new templates, because I was sick of the one I was using dying on me and giving me errors. ( The archives for this stopped back in November, and I didn't even realize it! >_<) So, I figured, I'll take my handy-schmandy html-ing skills and do a small exercise with them. And that is what you see now.
...I want some ice cream... @_@
I am happy with this layout because it won't be fucked up on 800X600 resolutions anymore. All the text got squished, and made a big 3 word wide column. *grumble grumble* Now, it should span with no problem.
The only thing left to do is wait for an announcement on the Tokyopop manga contest. They got over 400 entries. It's actually less than I expected them to get, so maybe my odds are better. *crosses fingers, hopes, hopes* Because like I said before, being able to list my profession as "a manga-ka" would kick ass, and I need the prize money to pay off my credit card and fix the windshield of my car. (Provided I can get my car running again... -_-) But then again, from the people who contacted me before the contest concerning the contest, I can say that I'm gonna definately get a run for my proverbial money! And then, maybe I can get my own place, and get my cat back. (I can't have a cat where I rent now, so he lives with my aunt until I get a place where I can have one.)
Well...that's it for now...I leave you with a few pics of my only characters from my new story "When We Once Were". Ja!

Eden and Chase
Eden again
Eden chibi