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Friday, January 17, 2003

Let's go shopping, are you alright? Come on join us, A to Z!

****Song mood for the moment is: "Angel's Voice" by Masami Okui.****

*points to anyone who knew that today's title is also the lyrics to a Shinohara Tomoe song ^^*

Yay! *happy happy happy* I got to go to the 99 Ranch Market today (an asian grocery store chain) to buy all the stuff I can't normally get out here in my town. I got red miso, udon and tofu to make my special miso udon! (In japanese, they'd just call it "midon" for short. Maybe I'll do that too...) I also got my wonderful snack nori, (It's Ray Omishi's [Bakuretsu Hunter artist] favorite food, and at the time I found it out, I thought he was crazy, but now...I concur!) I also got milk tea, and mooncakes. (cheap, because they're out of season) So I'm happy (especially since I am eating the yummi snack nori as I type this. Ahhh...bliss! ^__^)
I've been worrying, since this is an issue coming up, what I will do after PSC is finished? (Which it will be after the current chapter. There's an epilogue, then...end.) So i've been wondering which of my comics that has been on the back burner to pick up (I kinda didn't want to do an ecchi one again, but...) and my fiancee mentioned a manga I had stopped working on a few years ago called "~No~ Innuendo". Well NI is the epitome of ecchi in my book, more so than PSC, which seems mild. But upon thinking about it, I really did like the characters, and it would be fun to pick up again (although, I'd have to rewrite the first 3 books to be in webmanga format, but that's not a problem.) And I realize that PSC can't go on forever, it was meant to have a definate ending. Posting the last comic will be sad though. But that's not for a while yet. Maybe I'll work on both, and get a backlog going off the old mangas so that I have a nice buffer to start with like I did for PSC. Actually, maybe I should start just before PSC ends so I can wean people off of PSC to NI, making the transition easier. Plus, it will give Keenspace time to get their sign ups working again. ^_- (of course, I can always host it off FeatherBand Manga until it gets it's own home.) I should get a big buffer of PSC going, then start re-tooling NI. Yeah, and even see if I can pick it up again. I really like the characters, plus, there's magic in this one, unlike PSC. So I can have a lot of fun with it. ^^ Ending PSC seems like watching your kid graduate high school, but I'll be glad that it has allowed me to tell a story to people with a definate beginning and ending, and with characters everyone can relate to. *sigh* Bittersweet...yes...
Grrr...I keep waiting for results from the Tokyopop contest. Not knowing I didn't win is worse than knowing I didn't win, because, at least, I wouldn't be waiting to know, and I could get the brooding over with! *pout* But then again, I could win, but, I don't wanna jinx it... >_<
Auwwwauuugghhh...@_@ Sleepy...maybe I'll try to go to bed before 1 AM tonight. Hah hah hah. ^^
Ok, I'm zoning out now, so I'm gonna sign off now desu~ *Yanagi-San passes out*