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Sunday, January 26, 2003

An urgent request for help

****Song mood of the moment is "Love in Motion" by Chihiro Yonekura.****

Alright, fans of my webcomic PSC- I have some bad news. During the Keenspace transfer, that virus thing hit the net, and because the net was so tied up, all the files and accounts didn'd get transfered to the new server. Over 1000 accounts were lost. And PSC, sadly, was one of them. *mourns*
I have almost 50 pages of html to re-encode. As of right now, after ftp access is restored, I will get to work restoring PSC as much as I can without re-encoding, and it will go back up very slowly, piece by piece. However, *pulls out shock paddles and charges them* I know there are a few of you out there that might have (unknowingly) some of my html files on your harddrives! That's right! I'm talking to the people who never clear out their temporary internet files folders, or those who make sites available offline (I'm especially talking to you, the latter.) If you have ANY, and I mean ANY PSC html files except the main page, please please please PU-LeeZE! Email them to me at megami_yanagi@hotmail.com with a subject like "PSC html files" or something, or my very picky junk mail folder will eat it! Anyone who can send these to me will be thanked profusely, both on the site and by email, and achieve great heights in my book. Please, this is a desperate cry for help! Thank you for your time and cooperation! ^_^