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Wednesday, February 26, 2003


****Song mood of the moment is: "Shuffle (D-V Mix)" by Masami Okui.****

Well, my life is officially a mess. From Saturday until yesterday, a series of events took place that have frazzled my nerves entirely, and have shot my internal workings straight to hell. Stress sucks. Stress in large doses with no sleep and at odd hours of the night sucks. I have a story for you. Listen, dammit! (Just kidding. Skip it if you want. ^^;)
Background: My mother was cheated on by my stepfather. He got his mistress pregnant, so my mom, and grandma (who lives with her) moved out. My mom gets back together with my dad. Everything is happy again. Evil stepfather is gone, mom is ok, life is good all round. For a year, this continued.
Ok, now, my former step uncle beats his wife to a pulp, sleeps around on her, and gets a sexually transmitted disease. They get divorced after he makes her quit her job and spends all her pension money. Then, he moves in with my former step father.
Now, here's where it gets bad. Picture it: Saturday night, at 3 AM. I am spending the night at my mom's to keep my grandma company while my mom spends the night at my dad's house. I am up writing my Legend of Zelda Fanfic on my crappy laptop. Suddenly, my little brother (16, lives with my dad) is pounding on the door, wakes my grandma up, says he was out looking for mom, because she went to a local bar (Called the "Treehouse") and told him not to tell anyone, said she'd be back at 10:30 PM. It was 3 am, and she wasn't home. So, A.J (brother's name) comes over, crying and royally pissed off, an tells me he finally found mom, and she's in my uncle's truck, parked in front of our old house, getting ready to have sex! (my former stepdad was up north visiting his mistress and new baby for the weekend) So I jump in the car, and my cousin, my brother, his friend, and my dad drive down to our old house at 3AM and we yank her out of the truck. She was soooo drunk, but she said she was fine. (and still claims nothing happened.) My dad was pissed, but he's one of those people who holds it in until it's all too big. she went home with him, and a day passed. So, he sends her (my mom) an email last night and the subject reads "YOU". and all it says is: "GOODBUY!" (of course, my dad isn't the world's best speller, so he meant "goodbye"). So, my mom calls his line, and my brother picks up and says that dad came home from work pissed off, grabbed his gun, and left. We didn't see him all night. My mom finally gets ahold of him at work today, and he tells her that they have to talk later, and he doesn't want to get into it right now.
So, my nerves are all shot to hell, and I've had a chronic stomachache for 2 days straight. What a family, ne? Shit... >_<
Mountain Dew probably isn't helping either.

Well, that's how it is right now. I'll probably blog later. God! >_<
I feel almost useless right now.... Signing off. Ja ne.