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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Tales of a Noh Theatre Drama (This subject need not apply)

****Song Mood of the Moment is: "Kamigami-Sama" from the Spirited Away soundtrack.****

You can tell where I download a good deal of my music from! (I went there back when it was a horde. I probably am the single biggest strain on her servers, because she has music tastes 98% identical to mine! So, I tend to download every song she posts. ^^;)
Well, after all, everything seemed to work out ok. My dad and my mom are still "dating", my mom has agreed not to drink more than a 6 pack a week, (a beer a night) and swears up and down that she will never talk to any member of my former stepdad's family again. So, my stomach and all other organs are functioning normally again. (and not keeping me in agony)
Now, onto more personal goals...um...I have always been a big advocater (sp?) of the theory:
"It's ok to be overweight as long as you are happy with yourself, and it doesn't interfere with your daily activities."
Well, it's actually gotten to the point where I do think it's interfering with my life in general. For the past 8 years, I have noticed that every so often, I'll wake up, stretch my leg, and my calf muscle will cramp horrendiously! It's the worst pain I have ever experienced in my entire life! (Even worse than having your nose or fingers, or ankles broken. And trust me, I've had all those broken.) Then, after the initial pain fades (about 3 minutes later) that leg is almost unuseable for 2-4 days. Right. Unusuable. Can't put any weight on it. Limping around. It sucks. And the more weight I put on, the more frequently it seems to happen. So, I've decided to lose weight, and get myself back down to my 8th grade figure. (Now, if that sounds rediculous, you don't know what size I was back then. However, I will tell you, if you are still with me.) I've tried tons of diets, exercise- no results. Then, my aunt came down from Ohio two years ago, and she had lost a whole bunch of weight. We asked her how she did it, and she took out these pills she had bought in a gas station on her route. (She drives a trash truck. Before that, she used to be a trucker! ^^;) They are called "Stackers", yellow capsules that you take after breakfast and lunch (taking them after dinner is optional) to help you .lose weight. Well, I have always been interested (like a lot of people are) in an "easy and effective way to lose weight". We got to talking about it, and she left me with a few of the pills. They lasted a week, and when I stepped on the scale, I had lost 5 pounds, with no effort! I was amazed, and ran out to find these pills, only to realize that they didn't sell them where I lived and to order them off the net would be $50 a month! I was working as a video game tester at the time, and I just didn't have $50 a month to let go. So, I tried a $30 version of something that claimed to be just as effective as Stackers. However, the key ingredient in that, Muwa hung, made me really sick, so I stopped taking them. My dad recently lost a bunch of weight, so, I asked him what he was on, and he said "stackers". So that resurfaced my interest in the pills. Then, at a local drugstore, I found the new "Stackers2" for $30 last week! I was amazed, and my mom and I bought a bottle to share. (she doesn't need to lose weight, she just thinks she does. *rolls eyes*) And I've been on them for 5 days. I don't know how much weight I've lost, but I've lost 5 inches all over my body, so they're definately working! And I haven't had to do a damn thing, or change what I eat.
Now, before everyone and their brother/sister/cousin start sending me emails, I am aware that "Stackers" have Ephedra in them, which is a drug that can cause severe health problems in people with anything already wrong with them. (heart problems, seizures, thyroid problems, etc.) However, I don't have any health problems, or family history thereof, so... I realize I have to be careful. ^_^ (Your friendly neighborhood Yanagi-San isn't stupid ya know! ^_-) I've decide to post my progress in TnH so that I can be inspired. (I get discouraged very easily when I don't get anywhere with losing weight). My 8th grade weight was 150. I would like to get somewhere close to that again.
Now, onto the progress! ^_^ (~This is kinda embarassing! My measurements, on the net...~)
Starting Measurements:

Weight: 235
Waist: 47
Hips: 49
Thigh: 27
Arm: 14.25
Ack!!!!! ^^;;;;;; But, in 3 days time, these were my new measurments:

Weight:235??? (No scale. Buying one this Friday/Saturday)
Waist: 45
Hips: 49
Thigh: 26
Arm: 13.50

So, everything is looking up, so far! ^_^ But, I don't recommend taking these pills without a thorough health examination from a trained professional before you do it! (and you can't have caffeine or sugar for 6 hours after you take a pill, or you will feel yucky. Trust me, I learned the hard way. >_<)
Alright, that's all for now! (You're probably thinking "That's all??? She went on forever!") I will say more at another time. Also, thank you, everyone, for your emails of support with the whole mother-thing. They were a great comfort to me! ^__^) Ja mata!