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Monday, March 31, 2003

Today's Experiment..........Results Pending Failed.

****Song Mood of the Moment is: "Senjou no Madonna" by Masami Okui.****

Sometimes I wonder about my mental stability. More so than my financial stability. And often times, I wonder if they are somehow mysteriously linked. But, I'm never happier than when I'm not working a two-bit, paper pushing, boss slobbering, drooling from lack of sleep and brain-makes-clicking-noises-from-boredom 9 to 5 job. What I want is a fun, unordinary job, like what I had as a videogame tester before 9-11 happened, and video game sales dropped, and 2 months later over 2/3s of the testers got laid off. >_<
Sometimes I wonder if I'm still depressed from being laid off from that job? I haven't been able to hold a job in almost 2 years since them, living sporadically on unemployment, and eating constantly at my mom's house. But, at least I'm not living at home! That seems like the only thing going for me. But, bills pile up, and stuff keeps going wrong, and I am going to have to do whatever anyone decides to throw my way. *sigh* I wish I could have gone to college, but...no money, and no one loved me enough to give me a grant. Community college is beyond my financial means right now too. (I suck... ^^;)
It is very hot in my room right now. I dunno why. I suppose you're all waiting to hear about the horrible: "Trip to Vegas from Hell with Love"? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway...here goes...
I was supposed to be going to my aunt's house for her birthday, from Sunday to Tuesday. Then, I fall asleep in the car, and when I wake up, my family informs me that we're really going to Vegas. Well great! I just turned down a trip to Vegas with my friends because I can't do anything there for another 6 months, and all we would be able to do is sit in a hotel room. Well, my mom only wanted to go for the pool, and we took my brother up to break up his relationship with his first girlfriend, because she was joining the military. (Odd note: She's his adopted cousin. @_@) So, not caring that I had previously told them I DIDN'T want to go to Vegas, they dragged me anyway. So, on the second day there, I end up getting a sunburn, and busting my knee on the hotel's DDR machine (don't ask...) So I don't want to go anywhere. Well, I get dragged on a walking tour of the Strip, and by the time I get back, I have a huge blister on one foot, and my knee is swelled up from the game earlier. And then, sunburnt, and with my legs both looking and feeling like they'd been bashed with a baseball bat, my family wanted me to go on a walk to Treasure Island to watch the dumb pirate ships! So, then they started calling me a 'wet blanket' for the rest of the trip. Can you blame me? I got the short end of the stick! Plus, I was dehydrated, and they were gone, so I ended up spending a lot of my money for rent this month on water and eating (when I wasn't throwing up from dehydration) at the deli in the hotel lobby! It was a nightmare...and then, we ended up staying until late Wednesday evening.
Can you blame me for being depressed? ^^; Ah well...time to find some way to cheer myself up...
*fiddles with kneaded eraser for a few moments*
Nah, that didn't work. Maybe I'll see if it's coffee night tonight. Otherwise...I might drag Lari-chan out and make it coffee night!
*eyes gleam determinedly*
Anyway, here is the Weight loss report...

::Weight Loss report!::


Waist: 44

Hips: 48 1/2


Arm: 13 1/4

Hooray for me! I guess that's a little uplifting. My friend Andrew-chan is having dental work done, Majo-Chan is in a dismal mood because she had a crappy week too. I guess all my friends are in the same mood as me. (Except Lari-Chan, she seemed happy enough sorting Shard-Kun's socks when I talked to her earlier today. @_@) Ah well. ^_^ Enough blogging for me. Yanagi-San, over and out desu~!