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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Probably should say: "Ixkabibble".

****Song mood of the moment is "Super Drive", the Gravitation OP Theme.****

*Sobs loudly and uncontrollably* BAKURETSU HUNTER HAS ENDED! WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
In case you were wondering...*points upward* I just read the last issue of the Sorcerer hunters (Bakuretsu hunter) manga. And it made me sad, because there were some of my favorite characters in there. Carrot! Tira! Millie! Cinnamon! I'll miss you all!!!!! *sobs*
Ahhhh....addiction...@_@ Now I have no anime OR manga to obsess over! Now what? I felt lost since Chobits ended, but now I don't even have Carrot to cheer me up anymore. ;_; and my other obsession, Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, is so hard to get ahold of. But, they are releasing it on DVD, I hear, so that's good.
Eurrrghhh...stomach...in....pain.... I feel like I haven't been getting enough sleep, even though I have been. Hmmm. Weird. Alright, that's enough whining outta me. Nothing else interesting going on. ^^; Extreme laziness ensures. I have a new project, but I don't wanna do the HTML for the pages. Guuuurghhhh.....@_@