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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

New Stuff. Ooooohhhhhh......

****Song mood of the moment is "Kakurenbou", by Whiteberry.****

Well, a new way to drop me feed back...a Tag Board. Not sure about these things, but the results should be fun, ne? Not much time, but I've been told by my mom that she's taking me on a 7 day cruise for my 21st birthday!!! Things are looking up, I hope. ^^ I need to do some grocery shopping, and I'm horribly trying to refrain myself from buying a fondue pot (it's only $10! I want one....*whine whine*) because I have no money. Again... ^^; Must....find....job....*dies*
Although, for those of you who are Neopets players, I got into the Neopian Times for this upcoming week! It is exciting! ^_^ It's a short story I wote a long while ago. ^^;
Anyway...off to bed. Oyasuminasai!!!!