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Monday, July 21, 2003

Hunting for Inspiration, nyo!

****Song Mood of the Moment is: "Tremolo" by Yukie Nakama, The ending theme from the "Haunted Junction" Anime.****

*blinks and fiddles with controls* Ooooh, they changed my blog interface...kowaii desu~ *hides and fiddles warily*
I suppose it's safe... *steps out and begins to compose*
I recently threw a surprise party for one of my good friends, Lari-chan. It went down this past Saturday (June 19, 2003) and we all had a blast, and I got tons of pictures! (There is an image gallery of the party.) A lot of the pics were blurry, because they were taken with my new digital camera, ($40 Wal-Mart Special: XP) and I forgot about the setting difference (mountains, or flowers?) and left it on flowers the whole time, except when I took a pic of the sky, which I then switched to mountains, like I should have. ^^;<--- is baka, and didn't read the manual well enough. (If you want, you can visit the page HERE.)
As for PSC, I would like to wholeheartedly apologize for all of last week, where the comic kept appearing and disappearing. I got several emails (thank you very much everyone, even if I couldn't find time to respond) alerting me when ever the comic disappeared. What was happening, is that everytime I uploaded a new index file with the correct file name as a link, the keenspace server would replace it with the older, incorrect, archived version a few hours later. Since I felt it didn't get the air time it deserved, I left it up an extra week, special for everyone. SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!!!! (Plus it gave me a bit of time to overcome my slight author's block with PSC) This week will be a special filler episode by my dear friend Andrew-Chan, and then PSC will resume as normal. (How he finds time to do filler strips for me, and not update his own comic is beyond me... ^^; Work on "Bin of Insanity", dammit!!!!!! (just kidding ^^;) Heh heh...)
Speaking of "Work on that, dammit!", I should put up "What's Yanagi" sometime soon...keep looking for that, I'll get around to it. Someday. Probably around the time I revamp TnY (Tsubasa no Yume, my art site). It really doesn't bode well for my changing color schemes. I think I'll try my css skills that playing Neopets for over 8 months has taught me, so that I don't have to re-edit a gazillion pages everytime I want a layout color change. (How irritating. I'm beginning to loathe html...very... sloppy. Blaaaaaaah.)
I want a Pembroke Welsh Corgi! Look how cute they are! ^_^ How Cuuute!!! Bunny Butt doggie! ^.^ (And no, this has NOTHING to do with an anime called "Cowboy Bebop", which Majo-Chan was into at some point, but I've only seen a handful of Cartoon Network episodes of.)
Speaking of animes, after going into an anime reclusion after the end of Chobits (I didn't want it to end!!!! ;_;) I'm out scouring the net again, thanks to the aquisition of a cable modem, and EDonkey/ Direct Connect. Now I've decided to try out some of the new fare, including Rizlemine, Tokyo Mew Mew, and also search for some animes I've considered in the past, but found hard to aquire, such as Cooking School Boy and One Piece. (Look at that: Shoujo and Shoten Genres are equal. I'm usually leaning toward one more than the other, but this is the first time they've been equal. 0_o ~~~~Look out, look out, the world is ending~~~~ no, wait, it was just being "revolutionized", that's all. ^_-)
*Takes a deep breath*
That having been said, I'm also looking for the Utena OVA, of which I've heard nothing of, but seen a few pics of Utena fighting a blue-haired woman, and the DiGi Charat Movie, "A Trip to the Planet".
Blaaaaah.... again. Nothing more to talk about, so I'll sign off now. ^_^ Ja desu~!