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Friday, August 22, 2003

Fragile and Taken Suddenly. That is life.

****Song Mood of the Moment is: "Rainbow After the Rain" By I'VE Sound (Kotoko and Aki).****

Of all the things that anyone will ever tell you are unexpected in life, death is the hardest to believe. First, you have a child, so vibrant, full of life, ready to make something of herself, and in an instant... they're gone, and your brother comes banging on your door at half-past Midnight, telling you that your little sister is dead.
.........that's what happened to me last night. My 12 years old sister, Sara, was killed last night in a car accident. Her brother Andrew (not related to me, from a different mother and father entirely. We shared the same father, she and I and my brother, AJ.) and his friend's older brother were in the car, making a left hand turn, when a Ford Explorer plowed right into them, hitting Sara, who was sitting in the front passenger seat and killing her instantly (or so the doctors think. She was dead when the firefighters arrived on the scene). Andrew is just out of surgery, in critical condition, with his right arm broken in 3 places, internal bleeding, and two broken legs, while the driver, his friend's older brother (age 18) has 3 broken vertebre, and could be paralyzed.
I got no sleep last night, and tried to go into work today. Fortunately, my boss let me go home, where I have been basically curled into a little ball of grief, except to make a small memorial to Sara to put up instead of PSC for this week. (Now you can understand why I didn't update this week) If you want to see it, you can visit PSC, or if you try to stay as far away from that site as digitally possible, click HERE.
On another note, my cousin went into labor last night, so i'm an "aunt" again. How ironic, a birth and a death all in one night. The baby's name is Ireland Sara Marie June Kovach-Latrelle. At the last minute, they added Sara's name in there, to honor her memory. ^^
It's kind of a rainbow after the rain, but not much consolance... ;_;