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Monday, August 04, 2003

Well, I'm properly "Elated"! ^_-

****Song Mood of the Moment is: "Honki Power no DASH!" by Rie Kugimiya. (1st ED theme from Rizelmine)****

UWAHHHHH~~I'm so excited!
*turns chibi and jumps around sparkly-eyed* Less than a month until my birthday cruise! *jumps about some more*
Last cruise (not for my birthday, just for fun because it was really cheap at the time) we went on the Carnival Ecstasy on a 4 day cruise to Mexico. This time, we're going on the Carnival Elation, which is a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Rivera! (For some REALLY detailed info on the ship, plus a nice piccy, click HERE.)
It's a "muse-themed" ship. An ART ship! How neat is that, especially for someone who loves art?! (It's a 21st Birthday present from my mommy. Thank you mommy! ^_^) I'll turn 21 on the boat, as the sailing date runs through my birthday, (August 31- September 7th) so I'll have 2 full days of "21-ness" on the boat. (That means tossing back Dirty Bananas [it's a Kahlua and Banana smoothie drink] like no ones business, heh heh ^^) Plus, there's a casino (I love the "Jackpot party" slots! ^^) and a virtual reality arcade onboard! I'm thinking of bringing my small sketchbook, but the last time I brought drawing stuff, I didn't use it. So, a little book, and a pencil. Plus, I'll be armed with my new super-cool $40 digital camera (holds 72 pics) and so I hope to bring back lots of piccys for everyone to see. ^^
Unfortunately, I've been sick all this week (nauseous) and all I can keep down is plain Eggo waffles, so, hopefully, I'll be better so I can have fun and eat myself under the table (again) on the cruise! (They have free 24 hour food. I'm gonna come back so heavy~ Good thing I've lost 30 pounds as of this date. ^_- They say you gain an average of 5 pounds on a cruise.)
Well, that's all for me for now. Over and out, desu~! ^^