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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Almost Slightly Dead on My Feet, but Not Quite~

****Song Mood of the Moment is: "I want to love you under the light of the moon", by Tamura Yukari (Sakura's Image Song from Da Capo.)****

Ever tried throwing a birthday party where you have to make tons of different types of food? DON'T DO IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!
*pant, pant* Heh heh...I just did that yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but soooo much prep work! I've gotten barely any sleep, and I have to get up for work tomorrow. Oiiiiii... @_@
However, I did get lots of presents, lots of cool presents- like an Ein Plushie from Cowboy Bebop (He's one of my fav breeds of dog, a Corgi) DiGi Charat Manga, and a nifty Scamp plushie.
I've gotta run, but if you wanna see piccies, click here. ^_^