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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Responsibility leaves no time for fun, but it pays the bills some of the bills

****Song mood of the moment is: "Flouresence" from the Kanon Anime OST.****

I burned my first DVD today! *cheers wearlily, but profusely* It took roughly 2 weeks, believe it or not, to find an mpeg2 encoder, figure out how to delete that fuckin' Grand tech Camera Codec that wouldn't let me open the avi files in the mpg encoder, download the encoder, prep, encode, and finally, burn, but dammit, it was worth it! *huggles her fresh-from-the-burner Kanon DVD*
It fit 11 episodes on it! And they're gorgeous! Even on a regular TV with a regular DVD player! *_*
I love Kanon. It has to be right up there on my list with Utena as a great must-see anime. Really, even though at first it just seems like a remake of the original love-sim game it was based on, it grows to be so moving, and develops all the characters in such a small space of time... I found myself crying from episode 5 onward. And upon watching it again, I found myself crying in anticipation of the sad parts! 0_o I love an anime that makes me feel deeply for the characters, and is thoughtful and moving all at once. I highly recommend it, but not if you can't tolerate a little romance.
Plus, it freed up 5 gigs on my harddrive, burning it and getting it off of there, lol. Good quality anime still is around 150 mb a 24 minute episode, even encoded in space saving formats like XVID, or DiVX. ^^;
I'm selling my old compy (poor original BBCOS-chan ;_;) to my good friend Darien-chan, and using the money to buy a printer-scanner-copier (a psc, how...ironic?) and a flat screen monitor. (I need desk space back desperately! @_@) The monitor will free up lots of valuable desk space so I can get back to drawing again. (And finally update psc... ยค_<)
Beyond that, I now have new "extra" responsibilities at work. I guess around December, we're having a big lay-off wave. Would my manager tell me that if he was going to let me go? Not after promoting me. It's just a little weird to think about- I actually like this job, I would hate to lose it, at least, right now. I'm a supervisor, dammit!!!!
Well, supervisor of one person, who works part-time, anyway... ^^;
Well, I should log off an go to bed. Oyasuminasai~

P.S: Lookie at my new nightlight. It burns scented oil in the top, eeeeeeh~! ^.^)