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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Welcome to California, State of Emergency...

****Song Mood of the Moment: Some random FF Tactics Advance BGM ^^;****

Wow...a lot has been going on here...
First of all, my home nearly got burned down... 0_0
We had an earthquake too! @_@
I have this mental image (supplied by my fiancee, of course) of Arnold hovering over the entire state in a helicopter, with one hand outstretched, saying: "Ca-li-for-ni-a! Get in'za choppa!" <--- like in True Lies (I think that was the movie he said that in)
Heh heh...I live in Simi Valley, so I got lots of piccies of the fire starting to come down the hill behind my house, and stuff like that. Fire is bad. I HATE fire. It's one of my big "fear-type-things". So, I was panicking real bad.
sun in smoke
sun in smoke 2
Red sky
Red sky2
Red sky3
Red sky4
Smoky sky
fire over trees
fire over trees2
fire over trees3
fire over trees4
sky with fire really close
fiery sunset
flames in the distance on the hillside
Scary, ne? 0_0 We're safe, for now, but it seems like the Piru fire is coming back into Ventura County~! ;_; <---hates fire
Well, until later, ja ne.