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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Ikuwaiyo!~ ["Let's Go!", polite female connontaion]

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Touiko no Machide" (In this Quiet Town) CCS Movie ED theme.****

You ever been faced with a big decision, a life changing decision, that you have no choice but to make?
That's how I feel right about....
That's what moving out on your own feels like. It's all exciting, and scary and free, and dangerous, all at once. It's a strange, bittersweet feeling. But, I like it, I really do. It was strange how my "accidental aquisition" of a really nice apartment/guest house came about...
It came about around the time that Tsunami and Adara (My friend's Atlantian names. Click them to read who they are.) had suddenly moved in together. They were having a 'surprise' Housewarming Party (not really a suprise, since they knew about it in order to make sure we would all be there, including themselves!) that I attended. (I bought them knives. Yay pointy things! ^^;) I went into the party completely normal. They had a nice little downstairs apartment, which overlooked a communal heart-shaped swimming pool (it was goofy looking ^^;). The more the night went on, and the more I saw how HAPPY they were, even though they knew they'd have a hard time making it, the more jealous I became. It was weird, because I'm not normally a jealous person, but of our group of friends, I always kinda thought that I'd be the one to move into my own place first. Them moving first didn't bother me, it's the fact that they did it on their first try. I've been trying off and on, for YEARS, to try and move out on my own- first by myself, then after the "Great Southern California Rent Hike of 2002" with my fiancee, Derrick. We failed all times we tried. Getting an apartment in CA is damn near impossible right now.
So, as I'm driving home from the party, I look up at the roof of my car and wonder aloud (to Terra) why I wasn't able to have that happiness too. I think I even cried a little. And I felt bad, because that night wasn't even about me, and I turned it into a little depression party for one. But it was such a sincere question; I really felt it from deep in my toes, from the bottom of my heart.
...And then, something odd happened. The very next day at work, on my first break, one of my co-workers mentions that her boyfriend has an apartment over his garage, a really nice guest house that he was going to be re-letting come March 1st. Then she looked right at me, and asked if I was interested, even though I had NEVER told her I had been looking! I told her that I would be definately interested. She said her cousin (that also works at our work) had wanted it, but the landlord (my co-worker's boyfriend) refused to lower the rent for her. So he was looking for someone else to rent it to. She gave me her number, I gave her mine, and on the next night, the landlord was calling me and describing the apartment-
980 Sq. Feet
Kitchen (w/ dishwasher, fridge and microwave, but no oven), Living room, dining room, bathroom (with bathtub) and bedroom with walk in closet)
All wood was oak
Vaulted ceilings with oak beams and a skylight
Rent with all utilities included except phone and cable- $1000 a month
I told him I'd love to see it ($1000 a month with utilities included is a good deal here in my city, where studio apartments will run you $1100, utilities NOT included.) and he told me to make up a work history sheet, an application, and all that fun stuff. So, I made that up over the weekend, gave it to my co-worker on the next monday to give to him. The next day, she told me he wanted to arrange for me and my fiancee to see it. I told my future-mother-in-law, who told her sister, and her siter volunteered to loan us $1000 (the deposit amount) if we got the place! I was floored!
However, I ran into some rough waters- the current tenant of the apt, who the landlord was throwing out, was a raving drunk who did not want to leave- so she went into the main house and stole the spare key! So, the tour of the house was put off until further notice.
In the meantime, my fiancee's aunt proceeded to turn up with stuff for us- a coffee table, a headboard for our bed, dishes, end tables, etc. I still didn't know if we even really had the place or not.
Finally, a week and a half passed, and my co-worker told me that the landlord had thrown the renter out, and that it was all ours if we still wanted to look at it. Then that day rolls around, and the landlord calls me and cancels; we reschedule for next Thursday. Next Thursday rolls around, he calls and cancels at 1 PM. Then, at 5PM that same day, he calls and says we can come look at it, but only if we come right away. So I jumped in my car, grabbed my fiancee, and we dashed up there.
He showed us the house, I loved it (I think my fiancee liked it) and asked us if we wanted it. I said yes, so we went and signed the lease agreement!!! ^__^
So, as of the 1st of March, 2004, we have our own place! And I can stop feeling guilty for being jealous, I think. (somehow... 0_o)
What's still weird, is how it all fell perfectly in my lap at just the right moment, and it all came together. Fate is strange and odd in it's nuances and ways sometimes...
In other news, since I AM moving, I am going to have a "Reduce Yanagi-San's Paper Clutter" auction on Ebay soon, to help raise money for the move,a nd of course, reduce paper clutter. Just as soon as Keenspace get's it's servers back up (hopefully this Sunday, like they said) I'll make an announcement, and start auctioning. All of it is going to be hand-drawn and colored fanart, ("Inuyasha", "I! My! Me! Strawberry Eggs", "Ranma" etc.), some original character drawings, plus some reproductions of some of my favorite pics done on canvas paper, and possibly framed. Also, if you feel like making a small donation, but don't want to purchase an item, (even a dollar would help!) anything donated to the Starving artist's Fund:
will be put toward reducing the cost of the move.
Thank you, everyone, for your support, and patience!
Fuwaaaa...so happy, fuwaaa~ ^_^