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Monday, March 15, 2004

Basic Anatomy 101 for the Masses

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Hello everyone, it's time for an anatomy lesson!
*class of unidentified random people groan*
That's the spirit! Does everyone know what a gallbladder is?
*miscellaneous headshakes and confused murmuring abound*
Ok, well, that organ is something that is attached on the underside of your liver. It connects to your stomach and to your liver. [for those of you who need visual learning aids, click HERE.] Your liver makes bile, used to digest food, and stores it in the gallbladder, where it is then released into the intestines whenever there is food in them, to help digest it. However, if you get too much bile sitting in the gallbladder that has too much fat [lipids] and salts [used to digest fat] and it forms a hard mass called a gallstone.
*Icky groans and muttering from class of unidentified random people *
Gallstones can be microscopic, or as big as a golf ball. However, once one of those stones works its way into the duct leadign to the intestine or to the liver, you get a horrendous stomachache known as a "galbladder attack". Which can last anywhere from a few minutes [if it manages to free itself] or for several hours. [at which point, you need to have immediate surgery.]
End anatomy lesson
*class of unidentified random people run away screaming*
Anyway, the point is that, I, being the extremely lucky person that I am, was sick and out of work for a week, with what the urgent care doctor diagnosed as "either something with my gallbladder, or the stomach flu, but most likely the stomach flu." That was tuesday night. So, thinking I had the stomach flu, I attempted to go to work on wednesday, only to be sent home by a sympathetic supervisor an hour later, after she noticed how lousy I was feeling. I went home, took thursday off, but attempted to go back to work on friday, because I couldn't lose that much pay [after just moving into my own place and all...] So, I went in, and an hour and a half into working, I got a sudden sharp pain in my stomach that brought tears to my eyes. Fortunately, I was standing in front of the CS manager's desk, so he saw how much pain I was in, and sent me home immediately. I was in so much pain, I couldn't make it home- I made it as far asmy mom's house, when I stumbled up the driveway and curled up on the couch in a fetal position, screaming my head off. [it was very painful] So my grandma called my mom, we went to my regular doctor, he said "Go to the ER now!" So we went to the hospital, waited in admissions for 2 hours [yes, 2 hours...] and finally got back into a room, and got an x-ray and an ultrasound done. [all while screaming in pain] so the doctor comes in, gives me a IV drip of demerol [yay! The pain was finally lessened] and informed me that I had a gallstone blocking my bile duct, causing me to have a liver back up [causing jaundice and whatnot] and giving me a horrible gallbladder infection. He also informed me that surgery was my only option, and that I was scheduled for surgery in 2 hours [6 pm]. So, they set me up with a surgeon, whom I SWEAR is Rodney Dangerfield's long lost twin brother, and off I went, with no time to think about it.
So, I come out of surgery at 9:00 (I was supposed to be out at 7, but there were complications. They couldn't FIND my gallbladder. You see, I'm very short- have no torso, so I'm put together all funny inside, I suppose.) with 4 incisions. One in my stomach 2 in my side and one in my bellybutton [Yeeeeaaacchhhh! <---eebie jeebies] I'm in a lot of pain, but I'm doing okay so far. I just gotta be careful that I don't rip any internal sutures, cause that'll require more surgery. >_<
Anyway, that's the end of my rant on my surgery. PSCs comeback may be a bit delayed, but I will try as I feel better [and if keenspace FINALLY] has their servers back up. *grumble grumble*
Alright, ja ne~!