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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Just when you thought it was safe to resume your normal routine...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Will" by Chihiro Yonekura (Hoshin Engi OP theme).**** [It's not really playing, but it IS stuck in my head]

Well. Well, well, well. It seems that fate is out to strangle me, or to drag me kicking and screaming into whatever it's devious little plan is. As you all know, I was in the hospital 2 weeks ago having my gallbladder removed. Then, I recovered for a week, and returned to work on March 22. Well, [I'm conjunctioning a lot] Tuesday morning, I started having burning pains in my right side, and severe acid reflux. I had this all day, and it was making me ill, so I made an Dr. appt. and left work 1/2 an hour early. Once there, I complained, they made me pee in a cup [standard procedure at my Dr. office. You tell them you're having migraines, and they make you pee in a cup] and discovered I had a urinary tract infection. So, the Dr. says, "Well, you're showing signs of appendicitis, but we can't tell because of the urinary tract infection. If you get severe pains, go to the Hospital."
So I went with my prescription for an antibiotic called Cipro to my local Savon pharmacy, where they told me it would cost $75 to fill. I said something to the equivalent of "Hell no!" and the pharmacist, who knows me quite well due to recent events told me she'd contact the Dr. and try and find a reasonably priced alternative and to check back in the AM. So, I went home, took a shower, and started building a grand hotel for my Sims to vacation in, one where they wouldn't be stuck in the bathroom naked the whole time. Then, I began getting sharp stabbing pains in my right side, which was still burning with pain besides. So my mom and Grandma [G-ma, as me and my brother are apt to call her] took me to the hospital, where my half-drunk mother sat on a bio-hazard bin for 7 hours, and tried to get a bed with her $70 co-pay. When that failed, she amused herself with trying to straighten the phone on the wall, which was skewed. Then ER Dr. #1 came in, and told me to drink 2 large glasses [think supersize or big gulp sized] of clear fluid that tasted like dirty water laced with splenda. This was so that they could do an upper and lower GI on me. Once I choked down those, they injected me with iodine, which burned like a bitch, made me hot, and made me feel like I was sitting in someone's pee puddle. Then they made me hold my breath while they ran me in and out of a big doughnut a few times. The staff put me back in my room, Dr. #1 came in, said that it must be my urinary tract infection, and gave me 3 vicodin to take home. We checked into the ER at 10PM, and it was now 5:30AM. So we went to my mom's house, went to sleep, and were woken up at quarter after 10AM by ER Dr. #2, who told us to come in right away because it WAS appendicitis. So we rushed in, my surgeon was called, and I had yet ANOTHER operation which removed my appendix. My first night out of surgery was spent waking up and throwing up, because they had used a different anesthesia on me.
Anyway, I was in the hospital a total of 6 days, because I had a raging infection throughout my body. I was given a general antibiotic which didn't work, then they gave me this viscous antibiotic crap which burned like a bitch too. However, as with most medicine, the painful stuff which made me feel ill worked, and they finally let me go today. All in all, I ate crappy food, was in pain, got stuck in the arm every morning by a nurse which was referred to as "the morning vampire" because she had to draw my blood to see if my white blood cell count had gone down. In addition, it took 3 nurses and 5 attempts to get an IV in my arm in the first place [it finally ended up in my left hand]. Now I have a big bruise on my left arm where one of the more incompetent nurses tried to IV me. [it's about the size of a snack size candy bar]
Now finally, I'm at my mom's house, free from vampires, but looking at missing yet another week of work.
Where does it end, I ask you? Where? I have no more removable organs that I can live normally without, so hopefully, it is all over. ^^;
Yanagi-San, over and out, desu~