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Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Final Days of Giga Death...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Ondo de Chocobo". ['Cause as I type this, Majo-Chan is busy racing Chocobos in FF7].****

Well...should have suspected it was ill when I kept getting "Memory access module error 0x00x0x21x [etc.]" whenever I closed Photoshop for the night.
I should have known it was on it's way out when anything I opened from the folder on my desktop that was labeled "Digital Manga" would crash Explorer.exe [but it worked fine when I moved it out of the Digital Manga folder].
However, I didn't realize the brevity of the matter until the noise began. It started low at first, very subtle, but still audiable. ::Kaaklunk, chihik. Whirr. Kaaklunk, chihik. Whirr....::
As it got louder, and louder over a period of 2 days, I finally decided to pull my head out of my ass and investigate. So, I shut down, and restarted, thinking maybe [stupidly] the cache needed clearing. When Hyper-B.B.C.O.S-Neo rebooted, it was very sluggish, as if it couldn't quite recall how to function, or that maybe it forgot it had the capacity to do so. Panicking only slightly I hopped over to PCPitstop to run a checkup. It got halfway through, and everything shutdown, claiming a "Critical system error". At that point, I was more than a little irked, so I rebooted, suspecting that maybe while I was out, my mom or brother had used my compy and had picked up a little virus in their travels. So, I set Panda Antivirus to run overnight, and left. When I returned the following day, the scan came up reading that the compy was clean. So, because the 'Kaaklunk, chihik. Whirr...' had now become deafening, and whenever the whirr part of the noise occurred, the compy would lock down, I jumped on the internet, and hit up a few trusted computer advice sites, asking what the noise was and what it meant. The answer was univerally the same: Giga Death was dying.
So, springing to action, I networked my moms compy to mine and began moving all my precious files to her compy. Even during that last hour and a half, Giga Death was on it's last legs. A few files could not be saved, such as my One Piece Scanlations, and ALL of my Chihiro Yonekura MP3s.
As soon as I finished my file transfer, my compy crashed and began to reboot itself but alas... Giga Death had taken it's final breath, and with one last :: Kaaklunk, Chihik. Whirr... :: it ate my system files, and Windows would boot no more.
"Great...", I thought, "I have no money to buy a new harddrive. Ah well, at least all of my important files are safe. Whew!". Then my dad showed up, and heard me complaining about Giga Death's passing. He asked me what kind of motherboard my compy had, then made a phone call. Soon, we were on our way over to pick me up a new harddrive! It's ATA [or something like that] and supposed to be super fast. He won't tell me how big it is though- he says I'd have to find out when I got home [I was also getting dropped off at Majo-chan's house to spend the night- since I can't drive myself due to my hand.]. So, all's well that ends well, I suppose. But, what will I name my new harddrive? My very first drive's name was "Death!"[4 gig], my 20 gig was "Giga Death", with my 13gig secondary drive earning the "Death!" name of it's 4 gig predecessor, and the 1 gig drive in my dinky ass old laptop is "Chibi Death!". I wonder what I'll call the new one- maybe this one will be "Uber Death!" or something like that. I dunno. what is bigger that 'Giga'? I'll probably crap out and call it "Neo Giga Death!" or something.
And here ends my rambling. ^^;