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Monday, August 30, 2004

New Cell Bill: Now in Cookie Dough Flavor!

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Here we Stand in the Morning Dew" by Saeko Chiba.****

I just got my cell phone bill. I went over my 500 free text messages and racked up a $10 charge. I've sent 550 text messages in a month? Impossible, right? The number keeps climbing, so I should really just set up with the "1000 messages for $7" plan... ^^;
Like the new layout? I do! It's Ginrei, from 'Giant Robo' an older, but very enjoyable anime. I borrowed the region 2 boxed set from a friend of mine, and it included an extras DVD rom disc, which had lots of piccies and things on it. i loved this pic of Ginrei so much, I decided to make a new layout for TnH. ^__^
Have you all noticed the recent trend of making "cookie dough flavored" things? The first thing was ice cream, and that stood alone for years and years. Then, poptarts come out with a cookie dough flavor [that is quite good frozen, btw], and NOW, Eggo waffles come in cookie dough flavor. I tend to draw the line at cookie dough waffles, for some reason. There is a lot of crap junk food out on the market these days. Like the "cookies &" line of snackbars which can in a single dose feed children [or adults] both cookies and candy. Does anyone else find this...extreme? [note this is coming from a person who eats roasted Nori (seaweed) for a snack...] Ah well.
I want to make Japanese food at home this week, starting with Oden, or maybe hotpot. They are both a stew-type dish, but with lots of veggies [yum, veggies!] and meat, and very flavorful. I also wanna try Japanese curry {milder than indian curry} on rice. I am a spaz, sometimes I wanna cook, sometimes I dont...
My birthday is on 9/5. Unfortunately, instead of spending it with my friends I have to spend it trapped on a houseboat with my parent's annoying landlord. Auuugh~! She wormed her way into our vacation, uninvited! Fortunately, she can't worm her way into our yearly cruise...heh heh heh...
Ooooh, cruise...how I look forward to thee...
This year, we've got a balcony room, on a fancy deck! We're going on the new Carnival Pride [well, new to LA, anyway. It comes from Florida] which is only 4 years old, I think. We are on the Veranda deck, with a [supposedly] fabulous view. I can't wait to go! Not only am I anticipating exploring the ship and seeing the shows/ports, but the FOOD~! [I am a glutton at heart. What can I say?] Going on cruises, I think, is an excuse to eat all day. Who's gonna turn down constant free food, like Sushi, lobster, and ice cream? Not me, heh heh~! ^.^ I am slimming down in anticipation of it though. Last year I only gained 5 lbs though! I hope that goes for this year too. For an early b-day present, my mom took me on a shopping spree at Lane Bryant, and I got some nice new bras, and some cute shirts [one is a black tanktop with a built in bra! Do you know how hard it is to find those in my size? Most standard ones only go up to B or C cup! *whine* It's my new favorite shirt though. *squeee*]
Majo-chan should be coming back from New York tomorrow. Yay! Yay! My bumming around friend will be back. [although, she's supposed to find a job now that she's out of college. What DO you do with an Economics degree...?]
Well, I'm off to watch my recent D/L of Cinderella Boy. I hope it's good- it's based on a manga by Monkey Punch [of Lupin III fame.] So... Ja ne~!