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Friday, November 26, 2004

The Great Week-long Ethernet Stand-off of 2004

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Life in a Northern Town" By Dream Academy****

This may seem like an odd subject, but I just finished helping with a computer reformat that took over a week. [YES~ over a WEEK!] You see, my boyfriend [now redeemed from the phone incident with lots of apologies and such] had decided that Kazaa, that horrible computer destroying P2P program, was the only way he was going to be able to download something off of the net. [I forget what, now ^^;] Now, 3 months down the line, he has pretty much a trashed computer- invalid directories, bashed up registry, popups, Gator/Claria/Gain, different search agents, and among other things, a corrupted mouse driver that would not go away! So, the only thing to do- start all over.
So, I reformatted his hard drive, but when I look at him and say: "OK, now where are the Recovery CDs that came with your computer?" He looks at me and goes: "Oh...I threw them away when we moved. I thought I didn't need them anymore."
Well, since he has a craptacular computer [a Compaq. Ugh!] the only way to get device drivers for onboard devices is- you guessed it- Restore CDs. And unluckily for us, HP/Compaq [ Yay! Two crappy companies rolled into 1! I feel the same way about the Cingular/AT&T and the KMART/Sears mergers... -_-; ] decides that people who need these cds will be rather desperate, and willing to pay the hefty $40 price tag on them. Well, NOT ME!
After fooling around for a few days, I finally got everything working except the onboard ethernet card. So, we just popped in a pci one that his mom had laying around, and installed that. Well, the computer and internet worked fine...until the card crashed. That's right- the card would randomly boot the computer off the network during high traffic loads! So, for the remainder of the week, I have been DESPERATELY trying to find out what the onboard Ethernet card is! Tonight, there was a breakthrough! I found a nifty device called EVEREST that shows you the names of everything connected to your system and more! Plus, its freeware! [Yes!] So, I found out that it was an Nvidia Nforce driver, and I am downloading that right now from Nvidia, instead of crappy Compaq or HP. So, they can stick their $40 restore cds in their pipe and...choke on it. ^__^
End of computer rant. Thanks for listening ^^;