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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Too much "Stress Testing" of the Wrong kind...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Life is Like a Boat" by Rie Fu [Bleach ED Theme].****

*Ring ring*
Oh, look, it's my boyfriend, calling me from work on his break...*heart*
*answers cell phone*
Me: "Hello!"
Him: "Hi. You need to change the house number to my ring."
Me: *confused* "Why? I can't- your house number comes up as 'private call' because your mom has caller ID block on the house phone.
Him: "Then why don't you answer your damn phone?"
Me: *confused more, and slightly annoyed* "I just answered my phone..."
Him: "No, when I call on the house line."
Me: *eyebrow twitch* "Because I don't answer my cell phone unless I can see exactly who's calling me... Besides, you didn't call me from the house line just now..."
Him: *indignantly* Well, I'm wasting too many minutes talking to you.
Me: *completely pissed off* "Fine, then stop calling me!"
*click* [He hangs up as I'm about to launch into an explanation of why him saying those things pissed me off] Me: *Furiously types a text message about how It's not my fault that he switched cell phone providers just because he is so lazy he lets his mom handle all his bills and has a shared plan with three people with obviously too few minutes to share between them!*
And I haven't heard from him since. I was so mad, I went in and ranted at my mother about it, then took a long shower! Then, to release the rest of my anger, I drew this:

Well...since my doctor told me he'd probably be releasing me to go back to work sometime this month, I've decided to try and be on the computer more [which is pointless, seeing as how I've probably been fired, even though that is illegal...] to build up my pain tolerence. So, I figure, i'll be on the computer, so I might as well do something fun. Oh look, World of Warcraft stress test and open beta?! I wanted to play that!!!
So, I jump through several hoops to try and get the file. It's still several hours later [12, to be precise] and no cd key. I am sad. ;_;
And angry. Which also contributed to the pic above.