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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ah, the Holidays...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Resolution of Soul" by KOTOKO of I've.****

Well, despite falling [out of a parked car, no less ^^;] and tearing a ligament in my ankle, and being in a cast and on crutches for the holidays, the aforementioned holidays were pretty good to me. My family went overboard this year, and I got some really good stuff. ^_^ We did presents weird; we opened them at the stroke of Midnight, all of us- even my grandma! We had planned it that way so that we could sleep in the next morning, but then me, my mom and my brother were up at 7 am. -_-; So much for sleeping in! My brother went to our cousins' house to watch the kids open Santa presents and me and my mom cleaned the place up a bit. It was a quiet Christmas, cause the landlady didn't come in, thank GOD! @_@
Lessee... my spoils were...
PS2 slimline [I kept telling them they got me one! >:P]
Bust a Move 2
PS2 Memory Cards [what is a ps2 without em?]
A Wavebird for my Gamecube [Platinum! Shiny!!!!]
Yuu Watase's Alice 19th manga, 1-6
A laptop case [with more pockets than a...pocket factory? It's got lots of pockets ^^;]
Wireless mouse
Vanilla Fields gift set [I've been wearing it since Junior High...it's my signature scent!]
A diamond ring that came with a teddy bear from my aunt [why does everyone buy me size 6 1/2 rings when my fingers are 9 1/2? It's on my pinky finger...]
And finally....
A HP PSC 1350v. [Hewlett Packard Printer-Scanner-Copier]
Now, that PSC was an excellent Christmas present, save for the fact that like all HP products, it wanted to be a whiny brat and refuse to install the first five times cause I opted to only load the drivers, and not all the software crap that always accompanies their printers. [Do I need more background/startup tasks on my compy? No thanks! *raspberry*] I had needed both a new printer and my scanner had died a belabored death after 7 years of good service. [It had a good run for a $30 scanner!] Now that it is up and running, it works beautifully. Too bad the ink comes in tiny containers and costs an arm, a leg, and some fingers. @_@
As a Merry Christmas to myself, I was prowling Direct Connect and found a whole crapload of I've mp3s! [I've CDs can't be imported for some reason, otherwise I'd buy em] So, I got 40 songs of new I've goodness! ^__^ Shiawase... *happy coma*
So, to put my PSC to the test, and to practice for the return of PSC [the comic] I drew a DiGi Charat 4 panel comic. You can see it at http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/13498627/ if you're curious. Nothing special. I imagine that when PSC returns, updates won't always be on time. I'll change the site to reflect that. Also, I won't be doing every 4th comic in color. Too much work @_@ [I used to dread colored editions] Then, [once PSC ends] I'd like to focus on either a doujinshi comic [for DiGi Charat, maybe] or one of my original works that I have planned, called "I Wish For...".
I also got webspace for Christmas, so I have my own domain- www.featherband.com . Exciting!!!!! ^_^ I have also moved DiGi Charat HQ over to there, and you can see the new site at www.digicharathq.com . Exciting x2!!!!! ^_^
My hand improvement has plateaued, and I'll probably get marked as disabled [to some percentage] so I am just trying to work with what I have. At least it's not all clenched closed anymore. I can open it half way. That's something to be thankful for! ^^
Enough rambling. [But i'm good at it! Wah!]

P.S: My boyfriend apologized for the apartment incident, so i'm also overly-happy about that! ^__^
P.S.S: Drew-Chan!!!! Get better!!!!! We both don't need to be hurt at once!!!!! ^-^