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Wednesday, January 05, 2005


****Song Mood of the Moment: "Wing my Way" [remix] by Kotoko of I'VE.****

I am not yelling...I just had a few things I needed to address, and some people are just too damn lazy to read my blog. [Or they're illiterate...or something. They're usually the nay-sayers anyway. Boo to them! Boooo!]
::If you've been to the PSC site lately, you can skip the following.::
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Alright, I feel I have to make something clear, especially after some of the emails and comments I've been receiving. My hand is still broken! I may be drawing now, but I do not have the skill or tolerance to sitting on a computer back that I would need to work on PSC at this time. However, PSC IS NOT DEAD, JUST IN A COMA! To everyone who has actually taken the time to read my blog for updates [as instructed several times before] and understands, thank you sooooo much! ^_^ All the support i've been getting has really warmed my heart! The following message is for the people who like to sign my guest book "anonomyously" and ask me to call them when I want my "dead comic" taken away; Or to people who send me nasty emails saying that since PSC has been on hiatus so long, they want me to pay for the time they lost reading it in the first place. [You KNOW who you are! >_<] To those people... *shakes head* I can't believe that there are people like that out there. Let me assure you that I make the comic for myself, first and foremost, and for the fans of it. This is not my job, it was a hobby, a project, that I created to share with whomever wanted it shared with them. It started out on Geocities- I NEVER imagined PSC would get so popular! Once I am able to sit on a computer longer than half an hour without searing pain in my neck, I will begin working on PSC again, and I will keep you all updated via my blog on my progress. Please be patient a little longer- the physical therapy is working, and hopefully, soon, this painful incident will be either behind me, or I will be better equipped to face it. Thank you, everyone. ^_^
For more info, visit my blog.
::End PSC Info::

In other news, nothing interesting going on, just...normal things. Physical therapy, etc. etc. I may get cleared to drive again! [Couldn't cause of my hand ;_;] Drawing randomly, CG-ing hurts my neck and wrist, so it's slow going. @_@
And, that's all for me.