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Monday, January 31, 2005

Small Victorys in the Battle for the World

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Save Your Heart" by Kotoko and Aki of I'VE.****

New layout time! ^^
Before you scream- "ACK! Too pink!!!!!" Please note that it is a sunset ^^; They tend to be pink at times. Also, I happen to like light and dark shades of the color pink. Somehow, I find it aesthetically pleasing. So there. :P
Also, the girl featured in the new layout is Sawatari Makoto from the Anime 'Kanon', that I absolutely love! I have a thing for Makoto, because of her sad, touching story. I think only Ayu can trump her in the 'Sad Story' department. Everyone should watch Kanon. I should rewatch it myself. Maybe i'll have a Kanon watching party... or find a random friend and torture them with it... *ponder* So many choices...
In other news, on the 24th I was released from my doctor's care. I am now Permanent and Stationary [P&S], meaning that my condition will not improve any further. I have been medically forbidden from returning to my old job, and from also taking any job involving sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day, or working at a computer for more than 1/2 hour-1 hour at one stretch. I am also recommended not to lift more than 5 lbs. [that's ok, 'cause my bad hand makes me drop things without warning that aren't super light anyway] I have 2 small disc injuries/slightly herniated discs in my neck, and will be in pain for the rest of my life. Also, I am still embroiled in a legal battle with Workers Comp., and in the meantime, the insurance carrier for my old job [which could have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble if they'd just bought a flat panel monitor for me, or gotten wider desks...] has told me that they won't pay for my physical therapy anymore! ;_; I've been almost 2 weeks without PT and my neck was killing me Friday night. Fortunately, I went out for Coffee Night to commiserate over Starbucks' overpriced coffee, and my friend Darian was there. She has had training in massage, so she rubbed my neck out for me. Let me tell you, I felt so good after being in so much pain! ^_^ thank you Darian-chan!
Now, I feel like a sheet blowing in the wind ^^; I've cruised the web for work comp help, and found these forums: http://www.workcompforums.com/ca/iw/categories.cfm?catid=10. They were really helpful! ^_^
Now, more than ever, I wish to draw again, so Majo-Chan kidnapped me this past weekend, and we are planning a possible Doujinshi together to sell at Anime Expo this year [possibly]. While I was at her house, I decided to draw out a short story that has been floating in my head since just after my sister died. I stayed up all night and hit what I like to call an "Artist's High" and I finished the story by 8am! @_@. The next afternoon, when I finally came back from the dead, I surfed accidentally onto a discussion on american people and how they shouldn't draw manga. There was a lot of flaming, the typical person randomly posting that everyone is an ass, and leaving, etc. For some reason, this severely inspired me to draw, and what perfect thing to work on than PSC, which has been silently in a coma for almost 2 years? So, PSC [to your collective delight, i'm sure ^_^] has done the webmanga equivilent of 'squeezing someone's hand', but it hasn't awoken yet. I have the next comic in the series drawn, scanned, and ready to be toned. ^__^ <--feels so proud. There was a slight problem 'cause i've changed my drawing style a bit since the hand incident, but I feel like all the kinks were worked out... [no pun intended. ^^;] My compromise with this is that I won't post any PSC until I have at least a 1 month backlog [about 4-5 finished strips] and there will be no more monthly colored comics. I think everyone, myself included, will be happy with this compromise. ^_^ So, I'm tenatively aiming for a mid-to-late Feburary recovery. So anyone [you know who you are... *glare*] who doubted rather RUDELY, that PSC's return was never to occur, can kiss my ass. :P [I feel like Auri. Wheee~!]
I think I may try and pop on over to the keenspace forums again. Hey, better yet, they might not be broken, and I'll be able to touch base with all my webcomicy friends again. Yay!
Well, too much typing for me- my neck and hand are killing me...@_@ but, I thought i'd touch base with you all. Thanks once again for supporting me! ^__^