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Thursday, February 10, 2005

...A Disaster Beyond your Imagination will Occur!

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Notes.../Prima Donna" from the 'Phantom of the Opera' Original Cast Recording.****

*points up* Title is a quote from 'Phantom of the Opera'. Song is also from 'Phantom'. That has to be one of my favorite 'Phantom' tracks. It's hillarious, and, it has nearly the whole main cast in it to boot! ^^ [In case you were wondering, that is my favorite movie right now...seen it 3 times, trying for a 4th. Ignore the reviews, it's very good- go see it... GO SEE IT NOW!!!!!]
Um... *cough* Yes...oh! PSC made over one million hits! Yay! I made a cute little piccy to celebrate it. I am working on more comics, but my mom has to go in for sudden major surgery on the 15th of February. [right after her birthday on the 11th. Really sucky.] So, I am delegated to running the household and stuffs. I hope to come up with enough PSC to get through March. I am definately trying.
I feels like this ---> @_@
My List of things to Do:
*Schedule Dr. appt to get birth control perscription renewed
*Practice better toning techniques for doujinshi submission
*Draw up at least 5 PSC comics and tone/letter them
*Tone and Letter doujinshi submission- "Text Message From Heaven"
*Visit Mom in hospital with G-ma and brother
*Plan dinner for the next 3 weeks
*Cook dinner for the next 3 weeks
*Finish Horoscope piccies, post preview piccies on DA
*Beat Final Fantasy Tactics [or at least get pretty far on it]
*Finally read my Psycology text book
*Call Blue Cross and remind them that my co-pay is $60, not $100

As you can see, I am a very busy lady. :P
Anyway, congrats to PSC for clearing one million hits, and I need to go take a bath to try and get my current headache to subside. Ja mata! ^_^