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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Books! *Drool*

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" [Techno Remix] by Nikki French.****

*looks at SMotM* Yes...along with 80's, I like some 90's music... ^^;
Well, my mom came through surgery just fine- thank you everyone who wished her well! ^_^
Oh! The TagBoard came down, 'cause I noticed that Blogger had it's own commenting system now! Coolies! So, to add a comment, just click the link at the bottom of the post, next to the time. Neat!

My 'Revised' List of things to Do:

*Schedule Dr. appt to get birth control perscription renewed [Eeep! 0_o]
*Practice better toning techniques for doujinshi submission [Heh heh...]
*Draw up at least 5 PSC comics and tone/letter them [I've got 3 done! ^_^]
*Tone and Letter doujinshi submission- "Text Message From Heaven" [screentones... @_@]
*Visit Mom in hospital with G-ma and brother
*Plan dinner for the next 3 weeks
*Cook dinner for the next 3 weeks
*Finish Horoscope piccies, post preview piccies on DA
*Beat Final Fantasy Tactics [or at least get pretty far on it] [Dun feel like it...]
*Finally read my Psycology text book
*Call Blue Cross and remind them that my co-pay is $60, not $100 [I hates BC! >_<]

Well, I think I accomplished a bit on my busy list. However, there are new things I have to do. One of those is to read two new books by David and Leigh Eddings I found at the library! [I had to have them special ordered ^^] It is a new series called "The Dreamers" and I am so scared to start reading, I fear I will never stop! It's a true fear...honest. It will take me less than 3 days to do both, guaranteed. New Eddings' books! Huzza! Goodness! ^_^
I have 3 PSC strips done and toned, so PSC should return on 3/5/2005. Stay tuned for more details... ^_-
Ahhh...so busy... @_@