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Friday, April 01, 2005

Missourri and Codecs and Weddings, Oh My!

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Doumeinna Hane Mitsuketa!" From Fushigi Yuugi.****

Missourri was not at all like I expected. It was really nice. I would LOVE to move to Osage Beach! ^_^ [I am starting to loathe Southern California...] Groceries, gas, EVERYTHING is cheaper there!
But, riding in a car with only food and bathroom breaks for 2 days straight is VERY tiring. @_@
And of course, the new PSC scheduled didn't post and I can't get into my Keenspace acct for some odd reason. [Probably something is broken again...] I will try and get in again tonight and update it. -_-
Sorry that I didn't write immediately when I got back on the 27th. I was half-dead and in a minor travel coma. Since I've gotten back, I've been dealing with my Work Comp case, and planning a batchelorette party for my friend who is getting married at the end of the month. It's a good one! ^_^. [28 people will be invited, and Majo-chan graciously offered her place for it! 0_o]
I did get to go to the asian market, 99 Ranch, and pick up some steaming dumpling buns [which I love] and some fish for Oden for my boyfriend and I. [It was yummy with udon noodles and some salmon sashimi! ^.^] I've also been watching lots of Ghibli movies, such as "My Neighbors the Yamadas" <---[highly reccommended!], Pom Poko [It's amazing what Tanuki can do with their nuts! 0_0 It was great and crazy!] and "My Neighbor Totoro". [Seriously, I didn't care for Totoro all that much. It was too long of a build up for so short of a 'fantastic adventure' sort of movie. I was really dissappointed, since i've heard nothing but great things about this movie! But, I only had the old english dub to watch- I'll just chalk it up to 'maybe something was greatly lost in translation' and rewatch it with subs if I get the chance.] I also have "Grave of the Fireflies' to watch and in the next few days, I can maybe get my hands on a copy of "Whispers of the Heart" and "The Cat Returns". <--Ghibli OD @_@
Well, that's all for me. Tonight instead of Coffee Night, we are having a bridesmaid dress fitting at the Bride's house [Lari-chan] so I will be a bit busy, but it should be fun. ^_^
in closing, if you are having trouble viewing movies in OggVorbis format [which I hate, mind you.] I have found a SUPER-SPIFFY codec pack that you can install which allows you to view OGM and OGG files with the highest clarity EVER! It's called K Lite and you can check it out by clicking the link. It comes with lots of filters and codecs, but in order to get vorbis support, you need to get the Mega pack. Don't install codecs you may already have [such as ffdshow, etc.] but don't uninstall them as the program says. Make sure you select all the vorbis support codecs, and you are in business- they will play right in Windows Media Player! Ahhhh~! I searched for 3 days for these codecs...*grumble grumble* so I hope this info saves people some time. ^^