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Thursday, May 12, 2005

If TV Mimics Reality, and in Turn Reality Mimics TV, is it then 'Reality TV'?

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!$#@RHIKJ#$#$#%FC#D@FRE$!$#%#%$!!!!!!!!!! 0__0
Have you ever been freaked out and traumatized by proxy?!?!?!?!?! [I know, I know, i'm throwing 'by proxy' around a lot lately...] But seriously!!!! OMFG! I wasn't even THERE and I'm shaken to my very core!
Ok, ok, calming down...I WILL write a rational post...I will...
And if I think I'M freaked out and traumatized, I can't even begin to imagine how my Anata-chan is feeling!!! *glomp huggles him*
ok...where to start...how to explain? Lessee... Ok, I'll use the 'beginning of Law and Order/CSI episode' method. For the few who haven't ever heard of those two shows, they are crime dramas, and usually start out with 'someone' finding a dead person and freaking out; and calling the cops.
My Anata-chan just started working at a local hotel a few weeks ago. He works graveyard as the security manager.
Geez...this is disjointed.
The long and the short of it is that my Anata-chan was the 'someone'. ;_;
Yeah...so there's this conference for an insurance company, and they're having an early meeting at the hotel where they are staying. One of the female members of the group comes down to the front desk and says something like: "Oh, Mr. So-and-so hasn't been answering his phone, and he needs to be up for this meeting." So the front desk guy calls my Anata-chan over to escort her to the room. Front desk guy gives him the door key and tells him to go in and see if he's still asleep. So they go up, and he [my boyfriend, Anata-chan] knocks on the door and calls out: "Mr. So-and-so? Are you awake?"
No answer, so he knocks some more. then he calls out that he's coming in, and opens the door. First he checks the bed to see if anyone is in it still. they're not. So, he heads over to check if he's in the bathroom. Well, next to the bathroom is the closet alcove, and out of the corner of his eye, my Anata-chan notices a FOOT sticking out from the closet. He looks inside, and there is a man, lying on the floor, clothes pulled down on top of him, with one end of a belt around his neck, the other attached to the hanger bar, which his weight has pulled down on top of him.
Yeah, this guy HUNG HIMSELF, and my Anata-chan was the one to discover him!!!!
So, yeah, he's traumatized, can't sleep, really freaking out, and I'm freaking out and being traumatized because he is. I can't even IMAGINE what I would have done in his shoes! Would I have screamed? Cried? Fainted? Run out? Thrown up? All of the above? You just ARE NOT prepared for situations like that! When a person dies and you go to a funeral, you EXPECT them to be dead. You don't expect to find dead people in hotel room closets!!!! Especially not in our stupid idiot town. >_<
What an idiot town. God, this is stupid!!!!! Why did something like this have to occur on OUR 7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY?!?!?! [Yes, that sounds selfish...Rather, I would prefer this to have NEVER happened, on our anniversary, or otherwise! >_<]
I think this incident broke him. He's just acting...funky...not that it's unexpected, it's just...I don't know- HOW SHOULD A PERSON HANDLE THAT KIND OF SITUATION!?!?!?!
Mou, i'm mad-sad-angry-frustrated-sorry-sick-pissed-shocked. I don't know what to do with myself!
Ok, i'll shut up about it now, but .... DAMN!!!!!!
In other, vastly overshadowed news, I did an evil thing and joined Gaia. Peh. I'm a forum lurker, and I think i'm through with Neopets. What can I say?
Gaia Online anime roleplaying community
If you're interested in Gaia an' wanna shoot me some free gold, clicky! ^_^
Bah! BAH BAH BAH BAH!!!!!!!! >__<
*destroys something*
I have no fucking idea why I'M so emotional over this! Damn it!!!!! I...I... I imagine it's because I care so much for him... I never realized that I felt all his emotions so keenly...
I guess that's what happens when you get tied up in someone- you become like one entity. ^^; it's only bad when the other is hurting...usually it's a wonderful feeling...