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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Time in my Mind

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Us From Now On" by DoCo [Ranma female seiyuu].****

Heh....not much to report...I am mostly dead after all that wedding crap, but I have rejuvenated myself by drawing some PSC strips, and playing a new game called Shining Tears for the PS2. The problem with the wedding crap is that I feel completely, utterly, MORE useless than I did before. Gah!!! I want my life back!!!!!! Feeling empty and devoid is a horrible way to spend over one year of my life. *sigh*
Hopefully, this will all end soon, and I can pick up the pieces of my life from where they fell, and start rebuilding it piece by piece. [And just as I was typing that, half the crap on my desk fell onto the floor for no reason!!!!! I think I'm haunted... ;_;]
I've decided that I really liked Missouri, and I would like my Anata-chan to like it just as much as I do, but i think if I push him too far it will break him. He's afraid to move out of his childhood home, much less out of state. But, he does need to grow up [his words not mine] so he has told me he is "considering it." I think that that is a delayed 'no', but there's no way I can live in California by myself, so it looks like....*sigh*
Bah! My life is messy...
Oh yeah! New layout, art courtesy of my new obsession-game, 'Shining Tears'. These are all the female characters. I really love the art style! Squeeee~! ^_^