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Sunday, June 05, 2005

An Amendment to the Previous...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Watashitachi ni Naritakute" ED theme for Sailormoon SuperS.****

Well, earlier, my boyfriend read my previous post, and I guess figured out why I've been so moody and irritable lately. [I don't suppose having my 'time of month' was helping things either...] He came over, apologized for being a jerk, said that he would never leave me because he loved me too much. [And he also said that he wasn't using it as superglue, that he said it because he felt it.] He then tried apologizing for the DS thing, but I explained that I was mad at that situation, not at him. [his mother always ends up buying him EXACTLY what I was planning on getting him for a gift. I had found a cheap DS for auction and was bidding on it but it went over $100 and I couldn't afford that anyway... ;_;] He then went on to say that I didn't need to buy him anything because he would feel bad, and that he really just wanted to buy me things. The also offered to get a DS for me for HIS birthday!!!! I was shocked. I kept refusing until he reminded me about how I got him a Cybiko that he had been wanting badly for Christmas and how he hated it. So, I guess I'll just have to accept this 'gift retaliation' in silence. I do like the feeling that him saying that he wanted to buy me tons of stuff gave me! ^_^ [Not because I'm greedy or petty, but because it made me feel...taken care of, I guess?] He then took me out for boba, and we surfed the net at Tapioca Express [it's free for customers! ^.^] I decided to deviate form my normal Earl Grey Milk Tea [ahh, Earl Grey...the velvet of teas!] and try a peach milk tea, while my Anata-chan tried peppermint milk tea. [I have to admit- the peach was good, but too sweet. I'm getting peppermint next time- Yum! ^_^] On the net, we looked up the new Nintendo DS games. [I'm really excited about Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, the new Mario Bros., Warioware DS, and Nintendogs [I want a Corgi!!!!!] They all seem fun!] The DS has a built in picturechat which seems load of fun. It's nice to be able to write rather than type like texting. [Doodles! ^_^] It's pretty light too, so it might not bother my neck so much. I found that playing my SP too long made my neck / hand cramp. ^^;
So, tonight, I decided "It's manga reading night!" to try and get back in my PSC groove. I downloaded several scanlated gems like "Get Chu", "Golden Honey", and "Codename wa Sailor V". I also went back and read the "Futari Ecchi" manga, which I downloaded from ChaotiX last week. Of course, it's an adorable hentai comedy about a couple that just got married and had never had sex before. It gets technical and is kind of like an ecchi "Sex for Dummies" book. They really go into technical detail, like explaining different penis shapes, different nipple and breast sizes, why it hurts to get deflowered in the doggie style position, etc. It also apparently did "Family Feud" Type surveys that were listed every so often. The two most popular positions in Japan are missionary, followed by Doggie Style. Did you know that? I didn't! It's so cute, I'm jealous that I didn't write it myself! It's slightly the tone I wanted when I began PSC, but PSC turned into a manga version of 'Sex and the City' as a lot of my fans have pointed out. >_0 [I seriously don't see it, but I trust their judgement.] Of course, reading hentai has this strange side effect of...um...heightening my libido. [to be discreet...] I suppose it's a good thing that my Anata-chan is picking me up after work and that it's no longer my time of the month. ^.^
And with that, I leave you... ^_-