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Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's Like He Knew What I Was Thinking...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Blue as the Sky" by Chaka [CCS Movie ED Theme].****

Eh. This has been both a good week and a bad week for me. The bad part? After all the barbeques I attended this memorial day weekend, I caught a bad stomach bug. @_@ Today has been one of the better days for it, but I hadn't eaten since Monday or so, so my boyfriend threw out a sushi bribe. You know I can't refuse sushi! ^_^ So far, only minimal stomach upset, so that's good. I may make it to coffee night tomorrow after all... [What a nice boy...^_^]
....Speaking of niceties, my friend Drew-chan, who has been off in the military for 3 months sent me a 'care package' today! I open it up and find....A MESSENGER BAG!!!!! I've been wanting one for months now, to lug my art stuff around in, but I guess I only told a few people about it. [like Majo-chan and my G-ma. I swear I told my anata-chan, but he swears up and down I never said a word...] It's really cool! You can see a crappily taken photo of it here. It's blue [My fav color!] with the Anime Central logo on it. In addition to that, Drew-chan added 2 DiGi Charat patches to it, and a Kuroneko-sama pin! ^__^ Plus, inside, there were 2 ink pens, a pencil, some non-photo lead, one of the new Copic wallets [Eeeeh! ^.^] 3 GORGEOUS 'Ah! My Goddess' shinjitaki [pencil boards] some cute drawings he did for me, and a TON of manga!!!! ^_^ [Drew-chan, did I ever tell you I love Kodocha?] It was like a mini-christmas! ^_^
Drew-chan....ARIGATOU!!!!!!!!!!! ^_____^ I'm gonna put together a care package for you some one of these days! I promise!!!!!!!!
But alas, due to the tummy bug, I didn't get any PSC done this week. Damn. I'll maybe look for an old Omake strip or something....