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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Just a Quickie...

Song Mood of the Moment: "Blues Drive Monster" by the Pillows.****

Just a small update- We're moving at the end of August. Escrow closes on Aug. 31st, and we may not have internet for up to a month. Sooo...PSC may not be back until sometime in September. Plus, my mom is gonna buy me a Welsh corgi puppy like i've always wanted! ^__^ I dunno if I want a boy or a girl yet, but if it's a boy, I wanna name him Eyanda like the fox in my SoD story; and if it's a girl, I wanna name her Naryu [yes, like the triforce faerie from LoZ] or I might look at it and decide I wanna name it something completely different. I know one thing though- the second I get to pick a puppy, I will know EXACTLY the one I want. don't ask me how I know, but I do. Wish me luck! ^_^ P.S: Have you ever found out that something horrible happened to someone you love? Something that you've experienced yourself at one point? It's a terrible feeling. I just want to go back into the past and undo it, as much as I would like to go back and undo what happened to me too. ;_; To that Special Person: You read this- you know who you are, and you deserve lots of love and hugs! I don't know quite how to express in person how much I want to help heal you. I do think you know how much I care though. If you ever wish to talk, I'm there for you.