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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Over a Thousand Miles Away...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Tori no Shi" by I'VE.****

Well, tomorrow [7/8/2005] at 5pm PST, we head out for our house buying trip to Missouri. I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about moving now than I was before. I mean, I have everyone with me- even my boyfriend is coming with me. [Which was a really touching gesture, seeing as how he's doing it just for me and he's getting a crapload of flack about it from his family.] But, I'm leaving close friends, like Majo-chan, behind. ;_; [of course, they could always come out and visit. Majo has a friend in New York she sees all the time. But still...]
I mean, it's a brand new playing field for me. I may ACTUALLY get my graphic arts business off the ground, I have a chance to ACTUALLY own my own home, and be able to afford to live on my own! It's a level playing field, finally, and I'm nervous about it. Mou, what are my nerves doing?!
I hope we find a nice house. Something with a basement we can turn into quarters for Anata-chan and I. ^^ We are staying here--> Clover Leaf Bay, a nice little mom 'n pop resort.
I've been on Gaia Online anime roleplaying community a lot lately, and I've been getting heavily commissioned to do piccies of peoples' avatars! Plus, I have breedable cat pets called Kiminekos that I drew and sell in Mini Shops that are doing REALLY well! People are even RPing in the thread now! ^_^
I can't work on PSC since my hand-drawing art stuffu has been packed. I hope none of my fans are getting irritated cause they see I'm doing piccies. [I have a Link doodle I drew at a friends house to scan and add to my rando-sig sometime today too...] The only pics I can do right now are ones done on the compy with a mouse, and they take FOREVER! And PSc is hand-drawn only, so...no PSC until after I move. ^^; [Sometime in August/September]
Well, that's all- I'll be back on the 17th sometime. Wish me luck! ^_^