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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Life Has so Much Drama, It Should Be On TNT!

TNT is a TV network who's slogan is "We Know Drama".
****Song mood of the Moment: "I am Sailormoon!" by Mitsuishi Kotono [Usagi's Seiyuu].****

CAUTION: Poetic waxing may occur. Read this entry at your own risk. Author may even at some point claim to be Sailor Moon. Whining and waining are in the present forecast with scattered showers of uncertainty and fear, with doubt the size of baseballs falling in Northeastern parts of Yanagi-San. Gushing and moombling over "Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town" and tiny puppies may occur along with a high likelyhood of blabber about 'World of Warcraft' [WOW] and long-time boyfriends. Please do not listen to musings on Yanagi-San's life if you have asthma, heart palpatations, or bladder infections, as serious side effects may occur. Ask your Doctor today if Toritsuki no Hitsuyou is right for you. Please do not read of the inner workings of Yanagi-San's mind on trips to the museum, amusement parks, or camping with a large group of friends at Lake Lopez unless perscribed to do so by your physician. If you experience laughter, nausea, depression, brain failure, sightings of your dead sister, and get in an argument with your good friend's husband over wasps, then please proceed to the nearest hospital or medical center immediately, as you may BE Yanagi-San.

You know, I'm Sailor Moon, right? Right? Well, actually, I feel like Usagi-chan. I'm a girl who just wants to play at the arcade, wear a fuku, and save the universe from evil, except that I'm inept and everyone else around me ends up doing my work for me and saving me from myself. I also have a dark-haired boyfriend who is really cool and saves my neck, but when he's not doing that he can seem cold and selfish. Even my friends fit the profile- Lari-chan is Ami, the smart-yet-naive one, Majo-chan is Minako, the girl who has her head in the clouds, but keeps it alltogether like a pro; Darian-chan is Makoto, full of adventure and forward-lookingness, while lastly, Rendia-chan is Rei, sometimes seeming cold and strange on the outside, but strong on the inside. Even the rest of the cast is covered with Adara-chan and Sam-chan being Haruka and Michiru, D-chan is manga Setsuna while Niko-chan and Keiko-chan are Hotaru and Chibiusa. I could even throw Danica-chan in there as Chibichibi. The only problem with this is that we don't have a henshin and fight evil. We all just live everyday lives.
I am just now realizing that living an everyday life is like fighting evil. It's very, very hard. I admire the Sailor Senshi for being able to juggle both. No wonder Sailor Moon was my gateway anime, and to this day is still one of my classic favorites. [And now Majo-chan will be mad that she's not Haruka...^^;]
I got my laptop back today from the doctor [Lappy is all healed and out of recovery! Yay!] and I have waded through the obligatory emails and DeviantArt messages that have been piling up. While Lappy was away, my landlady went on vacation so we brough my mom's new puppy, Bandit, to the house. [He's a Boxer/Black Lab mix who's more Lab than Boxer] He used to belong to my brother, but he was not taking care of him, so my mom adopted Bandit from him. [Hence why he has the dumbest name for an all black dog in existance...] Then, my boyfriend and I each adopted puppies from the litter that his mom's dogs had. They are purebred Japanese Chins, one male [Brutus] and one female [Athena]. They won't get much bigger than large cats, and are great apartment dogs. They are parti clored black and white, and have flat faces, like pugs or persian cats. Today Darian-chan and I tried taking them to get shots at the same place she got her kitten's shots for $8, but they only do puppies 8 weeks or older. So I have to go to the 'cheap vaccination' clinic at the pet store that is held every Saturday. The only problem with that is that we'll all be packing like mad on Saturday, and it's only from 2-4pm. [and it's gonna cost $24 a puppy, as opposed to $8 a puppy! *gah!* but, it's better than $120 each, like the local vet offices in my town want... *glares*] I can't wait because I want to get them vaccinated before the move. They are terribly cute. I have a piccy of them:

::Brutus at 3 weeks:: ::Brutus at 6 Weeks:: ::Athena at 6 Weeks::

Cuuuuuuute~! [Well, to me, anyway.] The Grecco-Roman names ar the result of my boyfriend just picking up the largest puppy in the litter shortly after they were born and declaring: "This is Brutus. He's my puppy." That's it. Not wanting to spoil the theme, I chose Athena. I took Them over today to my friend Lari-chan's apartment for socialization with others. Today, they met a hawaiian girl, a guy with a moustache, a long haired blonde girl, and two cats while me Darian and Lari swapped Animal Crossing characters.
On that note...it's going to be so weird to not be able to see my friends on a whim. I'm going to miss Majo-chan and Darian-chan the most. I've been best friends with Majo since summer school of 4th grade, and I've grown really close to Darian over the 8 or more years i've known her [wow, Darian...8 years?! I never realized...;_;] Actually, Darian is possibly coming with us to help move and to check out the area. She is thinking she too will have to flee California and it's horrible economy. Personally, Lommax and I would love to have her out there with us for a few weeks while we get settled in and explore. <3
GAH! There is so much to do, all having to be done last minute! I have to cancel the car insurance, I STILL haven't been able to sell Lommax's car! I have to call my one credit card company and say: "Hey bitches! I need my address changed, and this time, I want you to actually DO it instead of sending my valuable credit card info to someone else!" [They've been sending my monthly statements to a place where I used to rent a room... >_<] And then call my other credit card company and nicely change my address.. Then I have to go to the bank, pull out the $.87 that is currently residing in there [sad, isn't it?] and close my account. Then I need to call my lawyer with my new address, finish packing my everyday things, go to my own going away party, on Saturday, get the puppies shots, buy them ID tags and get Athena a harness and leash [we already got Brutus one] pack up the truck, then on Sunday morning at 1 AM, leave this godforsaken place called California! Too much to do! In the quiet hours of right now [1:30AM] is when the weight of all that's happening come crashing down on me. Lommax seems to be fighting me the whole way these last few days, even though he chose to come with me of his own free will. I can understand his fear...but at the same time, I can't understand why he's balking so bad. He claims he hates my family, but he comes over and laughs and jokes with them easily when he's here. [Save for my younger brother, but then, everyone is ticked off at him right now. He's a racist redneck. Why wouldn't he piss anyone off? *rolls eyes*] He doesn't even act fake with them like I have to with my future-mother-in-law. Then when I call him out on it, he switches it to 'Oh, there's too many people in that house right now!' Granted, there are 5 people and 3 dogs living in a two-bedroom add-on house right now, but I think he could survive 2 days of it. He's currently living with 7 people in a 4 bedroom house with 7 dogs and 3 cats. I fail to see his logic in that. [Both houses have internet access currently, mind you]. I have this horrible feeling that he may back out on me at the last possible second. He's been talking with his dad a lot lately, and I'm afraid that he's going to talk him out of it. He and the rest of the paternal side of his family managed to talk him out of marrying me. [Granted, it would have been horrible to have been married when June 15, 2004 went down, but when they did the convincing, it was June 1st.]
I have serious trust issues with everyone around me. I hate not being able to read Lommax. He hides behind a stone wall with little bowmen on the turrets, ready to open fire. I've been with him for 7 years, and he is still a mystery to me sometimes. I don't know how he's feeling, what he's thinking, what he cares about, etc. The only things I really know for certain are: He's motivated by sex, fried chicken, and popularity. I especially don't know why he shuts down when we discuss certain things, like, moving, starting up a business, saving money, children, etc. I went on a camping trip with 8 of my friends this past Thursday-Sunday.. The whole time I was gone, I got text messages going "I miss you! I'm lonely!" now that I'm home, I get nothing. He's busy, he's irritated, he's out with someone, he's gaming, he doesn't wanna talk to me right now. He's not lonely or bored, nor does he miss me. It makes me wonder if a long-distance relationship would have been better for a little bit....he claims a LDR would never work, and that's why he's following me. I got a tarot reading claiming I was ignoring something important. I figured out that it was my friends, and I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with them. I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't talking about my friends, but about the shut downs that keep happening between Lommax and I. He reads my blog, and sometimes after he's been acting up, he reads my blog and apologizes after looking at my side of the story in print. hopefully, he reads this and stops acting like an emotional and mental fortress. -_-;
But yeah, the camping trip.... [I might as well typed "Insert crappy segway here". >_<] It was great the first night! D, Rendia, Darian and I went up ahead of time, set up the camp, started a good fire, drank rum around the campfire while roasting marshmallows...it was great! There was such a good vibe! The following day, Lari-chan, her husband, her sister Keiko, and Galatea came up at 11pm Friday night. They were grouchy and cranky the whole trip pretty much, with Lari's husband telling D, Darian, Rendia and I that we didn't know how to camp and that we were doing everything wrong, and that he was a Boy Scout, so his way was undeniably right. Honestly, on the way home, we made up camp songs on how obnoxious he was being! [No lie!] He is normally such a laid-back nice guy, that the 'angry boy scout' version of him was a shock. We were up at Lake Lopez, so on the way back home, we were really frustratred, so D treated us to lunch in Solvang. [It's a town in California that's like Little Denmark/Germany/Sweden. It's very Danish, and cutsey. [I've never been there until then, so it was a nice treat.] We had soup and sandwiches, and I swear, I had the best veggie soup and chicken salad croissant sandwich in that little bakery we ate at. Oh god, it was so goood! ^_^ [We were just going to drive straight home, but I'm glad we decided to go at the last minute!<3]> My mommy bought me store sushi for dinner. The large Vons by our house makes it fresh when you walk up. It's almost as good as restaraunt sushi. Score! ^_^ [<--happy sushi face] ::Off topic random thing:: Hopefully, the sushi restaraunts in Missouri are good. There were two of them: a hole-in-the-wall looking place, and a hip, modern looking place. We'll have to hit them and see... For an early birthday present, I got Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town for the GBA [but played it on my DS. Amazingly, they have a 10-12 hour battery life with GBA games. ::Is Pleasantly surprised:: ] I was so thrilled- you get to be a girl in this version! I was so stoked- for once I wouldn't feel like a lesbian-esque pervert trying to find a wife for my male avatar! However, my excitement was short lived when I discovered that wooing a potential husband was MUCH harder than wooing a potential wife was in ANY other HM game! ;_; I'm currently going after Grey, the blacksmith's grandson. He's so angsty and sulky and cute.....kind of like Lommax, but blonde and wearing a hat. I have him up to a blue heart, aiming desperately for the next level [Yellow, I believe?] and trying to collect a full kitchen from the shopping network before I get him to a red heart. [It's hard 'cause it's winter, and there's NOTHING to do in winter [except build relationships and mine] concerning crops. I end up turning in at 3 or 4 PM sometimes. Nuffin' ta do. 'Tis a very cute game though- i'm happy with it....until Twilight Princess comes out! Ahhhhhhh! Smexy Werewolf Adult Link! *heart* [Dammit, I'm trying not to use 'smexy' like it's a real word...-_-;] Another Birthday present I got was a WoW game card! [Yay! From Lommax! <3]> Oh! In other news, Rendia got a new laptop so she gave me her old one [Pentium 2] with the broken screen. [until then, she'd been using it with an external monitor] I've never repaired or even been inside a laptop before, so I pulled it apart to see what made it tick and attempted to fix the screen. Turns out, the tiny IDE-esqe cable from the motherboard to the back of the monitor was loose on one end [probably from being shaken] so I pulled it out and seated it correctly and sealed up the laptop after checking the backlight in case that was the problem. And when I turned it on- ta-da~! The screen got signal and worked again! I was so proud of myself- I had a swelled head for days, lol. Now I feel a bit more comfortable around laptop repair. ^-^v
...And to end all this rambling, I had a weird dream thingy on the ride up to Lake Lopez this weekend- I went into a trance-like state while trying to fall asleep and I saw my sister on the roof of the van. We sat up there for a few minutes- she told me that everything was going to turn out ok, and that the move wasn't the wrong choice, but that it was going to be a difficult one. Somehow, it was slightly soothing and unsettling all at once. During the 'encounter' I had the feeling of having movable appendages coming from my shoulder blades. im guessing represenative of wings, since my sister had 'em too. When I came out of it, my shoulder blades were really sore, like they had been supporting something they weren't used to. It was very weird- not sure if it was really a dream or not. If it was a dream, I have a very weird subconscious. If not, then...I guess i'm just a weirdo in general.
Anyway, you will peobably not hear from me until after the move, so I will not bore anyone with any further ramblings on why I'm Sailor Moon and why life is like trying to take over the Universe. [Errr...defending the universe. Yeah, that's it... ^^;]
I think it's time to eat my sushi now...