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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A 12 Pack of Soda for 99 Cents! *dies*

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Amethyst" by Kotoko of I'VE Sound.****

Well, as you all know, I've moved to Missouri. It's not like I expected it at all, but it is DEFINATELY cheaper to live here. I had a HUGE problem getting internet, which ended with Lommax's mom stepping in and graciously buying us the equipment neccessary to run a cat5 cable from the main house to the apartment we now live in. It's satellite internet, and it seems to be running like crap. If anyone handles satellite internet for a living and wants to tell me why my connection is running so slow, and email would sure be appreciated! *wink wink, nudge nudge*
As per the title, we have a chain of grocery store here called 'Hy-Vee', and recently, they've had a sale on their store brand of soda. You can get a 12 back for 99 cents! That's right, 12 cans of soda for 99 cents! If I was lucky, in California, I could get a 6 pack for that price. Hy-Vee is awesome. ^_^ [Although, this is severely puts a crimp in my 'cut down on drinking soda' movement. ^^;]
Back to online-ness...My friend Drew-chan offered to come out and spend his own money to get me online, but, here I am! We offered to let him stay at our house, but we have no room now, so he may have to spend that money on a hotel. [Blah. Sorry Drew-chan, if you're reading this!!!!!] I hope the net is fast enough so we can play our online games, but only time will tell. Lommax got 'City of Villains', so he is going to try that one first. If all is well, I can play World of Warcraft again, yay! ^_^ And of course, if online-ness goes well, then I can update PSC again! I have a few new strips, but they are not finalized. [toned, lettered, etc.] But I have been working on it, although slowly, because it hurts my hand too much.
At any rate, I've changed the blog theme. I created this when I read all of "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne" in one sitting. It was a beautiful story, one i'd been meaning to read for ages and had just gotten my mitts on. But then I played "Shining Tears" and died in a pool of fandom. If I'm not careful, my next layout will be "Radiata Stories", and excellent game from SquareEnix, with decent English voiceovers, or "Alterer Iris: Eternal Mana", by NIS of Disgaea fame, with the option to listen to happy Japanese Voiceovers. [BTW, Kelin screaming "BARREL!" in English is horrendous. Please, for the love of God, don't listen to it!]
Anywho, I think I'm back for good, and I'm off to play Rollercoaster Tycoon for a bit and eat dinner. Ja mata!