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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas, Indeed

****Song Mood of the Moment: Unknown Christmas Song by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.****

Ah, what a nice Christmas this was! Even though I found that I'm going to have to take my WC case to trial, I got good gifts, and my boyfriend and I had a good time at my Mom's house [we even brought the puppies, and they were good all day.] Top that off with that poster in my GB apologizing [I haven't been back to thank them for that yet ^^;] and I've had a fairly good night.
I got a nice new desk chair, something even MORE ergonomic than my last one [Extra lumbar support, adjustable, curved headrest for my neck, etc.] a new down comforter [I had to throw my old one out after Athena had a bad case of the runs all over it 0_o] a super-comfy bathrobe, some snow boots, a silver and pink sapphire ring from my aunt [she always gets me a ring.] Two DS games [Animal Crossing: Wild World and Mario Cart DS] from my boyfriend's mom, a flash drive [to replace the one my brother stole] a pair of warm pajamas, and a Magic Bullet. [I've been wanting one FOREVER. It kills my hand to prep for cooking, and this will make my chopping in the kitchen minimal. ^_^
In short, I had fun, and got a bunch of things I wanted [although I didn't get the screentones I asked for... ;_;] a few things I needed, and it may snow tonight. Ah, indeed, Merry Christmas everyone! ^_^