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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Minor Irritations...

****Song Mood of the Moment: "Yorukobi no Carol" by the Tomoeda Elementary Choir.****

^^WARNING! A mini rant about PSC is cross posted below. Please skip this entry if you already read my Guestbook!^^


Honestly, I'm very sick and tired of posts like the one above. This person obviously did NOT read the newer strips I've put up since my long hiatus. It's not as if PSC is stagnant, it's just updating VEEEERY slowly, something I mentoned when it RETURNED. When people like this post messages like this, I want to find them, herniate two discs in their neck that make it so that they're right hand is basically paralized, put them through 1 year of painful physical therapy, have them move across country to a very small town, not have internet access for almost 3 months, THEN demand that they draw a webcomic. I am honestly finishing PSC. I realize it is updating a lot slower than usual. All my fans that care to READ my author's notes have been forewarned ages ago. I am typing this message here, since all the people who type these things don't read my notes or my blog to avoid sticking their foot in their mouth. It is very painful for my neck injury to sit at a desk, hunched over, doing detailed character work for hours on end. Yes, it takes almost 4 HOURS now to draw a single comic. That doesn't even include scanning and toning and re-lettering, which can take up to 6 hours in and of itself! I could have just let PSC slip into a quiet death years ago, but I just won't let it! I promised my fans that they would be able to see an ending, and dammit, it may be slow, but I am giving it to them! To people like the poster above- if you are going to post an uninformed rant or even a single one-line on how PSC died years ago, then, HOW ABOUT YOU STOP READING IT? If you are that impatient with my new updating schedule, then leave! There are tons of other webcomics out there, by people who are in better health than I and are able to produce up to 5 comics a week. Some are even in COLOR! Some are even better artists than I! The internet is a huge, wide, infinite thing- Go find a new comic to read, go play a video game, go read a book or something! People act like PSC updating sporatically is RUINING THEIR LIFE! Honestly, if I didn't care for my fans, I would have ended PSC years ago, before my injury, when I just plain got sick of drawing it and I had too much shit to do at work. But I didn't. I'm not a quitter! ^_^ I think from now on, I am just going to delete posts such as that. They're really just spiteful and insipid.To all my PATIENT and INFORMED fans, THANK YOU very much for sticking by PSC! <3

Seriously, for people who obsess THAT much about webcomics, find a support group for it! You're obviously addicted [in a bad way...]